Sweet Torment 2


By popular demand, here goes…..


The darkness was thick enough to swallow anyone present and I was so unfortunate to be the one trapped in this oblivion of darkness again

I could hear a scraping noise, so distant and then the sound of blades grinding into my ears I wanted to scream but the tape in my mouth just accumulated saliva and the gagging reflex took over

The grinding noise was replaced by a steady beeping noise and the first thing my eyes came in contact with was the white ceiling.

I squinted. My eyes had grown accustomed to the darkness

It was then I realized I was in the hospital, a good source of oxygen being supplied into my lungs while my hands had drips passing through them

“she’s awake…’’ I heard Susie’s squeal  and I sighed

Back to my reality

‘’oh sweetheart.’ My mum greeted and came over to look at me, her eyes swollen from crying while Dad towered over me like the brave man he was

Poor mum…, was this how it was going to continue?

I was glad my epileptic fit had not happened in school this time around. I wouldn’t be able to bear it.

I was going to transfer someplace else

“you’re going to be alright..’ mum assured with a sad smile and held my face kissing my dry cheeks while her remaining tears fell on my face.

I wanted to leave the hospital right now!

She raked her hands on my hair and I tried talking but my throat felt parched. I hated this feeling. Ever since we moved here six months ago, this stupid disease had taken over and yet Dad didn’t seem to give a damn.

Or did he but was too brave to say it as usual?

Or rather too cowardly to do anything about it…

Such was the irony of life before I left the hospital. I didn’t bother thinking about school.

That was a closed chapter for today.


      When the news came up that the pretty brunette who was the baker’s daughter had been murdered the night before, I shivered and my fingers were beginning to have that tremor effect again

My juice spilled on the floor and I hurried down to get a rag to wipe off the mess while the sheriff stared at me awkwardly. My mother covered up for me while my Dad stood up to discuss some more with the sheriff.

I remembered Sheila Whitfield. A pretty young girl of my age who was in the church choir and sang her heart out to the Lord on Sundays

But more importantly, whom I had witnessed being stabbed while I was living my normal life before the epileptic fit.

This was the third time someone is this town was going to die mysteriously

It was mysterious to me because I saw them and felt their pain before they died. And worse, the dagger always seemed to dig into my flesh and yet the victims had no sign of dagger thrust.

All that could be concluded from the scene was that they died due to some form of strangulation


They all died from strangulation, and yet every single person I saw died from something else

I hoped I stayed sane for long

My little sister bumped into me while I tried to get myself occupied with the contents of the fridge

“watch where you’re going stupid!’’ I yelled at her

“Marie..’’ my mum rolled her eyes at me and shook her head knowing I wasn’t going to pay any attention to her as i strolled out of the kitchen.

I headed for my room but I could still hear some buzzing sounds and I knew this new state of madness was getting worse.

I blinked and stood at the door to my room, and then it happened.

“we’ll keep a close eye on every home this time and pray this is the last of these mysterious supposed suicide we’ve been experiencing.’’

My dad sighed. ‘’I don’t know Bruce. I feel I have something to do with it since we moved here and all eyes seem to be on my family. I would never do anything to hurt somebody else.’’

“I know…, and believe me, you have nothing to do with it. this is way beyond human reasoning and we’ve decided to keep a vigilante group to keep watch at night. I know it sounds ridiculous but we’ve seen this oracle that tells us something could be done. I know I’m not the type to do stuffs like this but what choice do we have?”

“I’m very worried about Marie. I know I shouldn’t be saying this but these epileptic fits she’s been having seems to be zapping life out of her and I’m worried she might be the next target ’’ I could hear my Dad’s worried voice.

“we’ll consult the oracle about it Tom, don’t let it bother you. And as from tonight, we’ll do as she says and see where it goes. This is your ancestral home and don’t let anyone scare you away from your father’s land. You remain here as the true son of your father that you are and we’ll do our job.’’

I blinked and found myself in my room lying on the bed.

I looked at the time. 3 hours of sleep gone while my homework laid on my bed undone.

Fear gripped me at what had happened and I began typing on my laptop while scribbling on some notes.

I didn’t bother looking at the phone

It never rang because I had no friends

I was only six months in the school anyway and so I was going to graduate as a good student

I was a horrible student back in California, ‘a little rebellious’ the counselor had emphasized and wasn’t  going to have any grade by the time I would leave school

It just dawned on me now that my moving here could be related partially to my attitude in the city and I frowned.

So much for paying attention when Dad was busy yelling his heart out


Sweet Torment



i wrote this on request for someone who wanted something horror-ish from me..LOOL…this was sometime last year so i wanna know your thoughts about it.

P.S: im sorry about the Chronicles of a Boarder  post that was meant to come up today but didnt.

Not feeling too well, pls pray i recover well oo

Here goes

When I opened my eyes, I prayed I was dreaming

But the other side of me knew I couldn’t be dreaming. The footsteps coming towards my room kept echoing through the walls and I closed my eyes to shut out those evil imaginations again

I felt chilled to the bone

“sweetie, you alright?’’

I opened my eyes to see my mother frowning at me awkwardly.

“why?’’ I asked absent minded

“You’re chewing on your pen again’’ she pointed and went to attend to the food on the gas. She served me some scrambled eggs and called out to my sister


The little girl ran down the staircase and came to join me on the table beaming at me while she fed on what our mother was feeding her

“I’m not hungry.’’ Just looking at her had made me lose my appetite

‘’how many times have I told you to start tolerating your sister’s habit?’’

“ more often than not.’’ I carried my bag, threw my pen into it and picked up my ear plugs…time to go Solo

That’s what this town had turned me into and if nobody could see what I was seeing, then I hoped I was going to remain sane for long

Mom didn’t bother calling me back and so I settled in the back seat while waiting for Susie to come and take her place in the passenger’s seat while I allowed myself to get lost in Avril Lavinge’s  Complicated before switching to skater boi

What century was i?…21st century but I still idolized those songs

I scrolled down again, thinking of switching to Linkin Park’s Numb when I felt a sudden jerk from behind leading me to hit my head on the seat in front of me

“not again….’’ I could feel that cold shiver down my spine and when I looked up, I saw someone screaming while the dagger plunged right into her rib cage.

Not once, not twice and then she stopped screaming as her body slumped carelessly on the floor by the merciless stabber

And then he turned to look at me and I sagged.

The last thing I saw were my parents hovering over me, while white liquid spilled forth from my lips.

My mind went completely blank and my eyes grew cloudy before collapsing into oblivion

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