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I Love Denzel Washington…i mean seriously, who doesn’t? he’s a great actor. one of the best. Have you ever gone to see a movie just because he featured in it? Well, once i see a preview and i’m like…” isn’t that Denzel or some other random guy that does good movies and acts well…then i’m watching it whether you like it or not…lool

Okay, enough of ass kissing, today’s topic was brought about this movie i watched. you don’t really know where it’s going till it hits you in the face that this guy had a problem but refused to face it.

He was an awesome pilot. in fact, a hero and i learned somethings from random things said in the movie.

When you have an addiction, you become a slave. the addiction rules you and dictates what you do. You can decide to face it or not. You can deny it or not.

But know one thing. as long as you refuse to accept what you’ve become and how much you’re gonna lose, you’ll be an addict for the rest of your life.

Proverbs 28v13;. ‘He who covers his sin shall not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy.

I watch movies for entertainment purposes and i love movies that i can learn a lot from. life lessons infact and flight just happens to be one of them.

Random things i learned

An addiction proves to be a greater power but only in Christ can you obtain mercy to start on a fresh slate

Alcoholism will destroy you and eat you up

An alcoholic cannot be changed by a human being, neither can you do it on your own. An alcoholic needs help

An addict needs to identify his problem before a solution can be sought out

An alcoholic/addict will keep telling lies and crawl into all sorts of sin to get himself out of trouble.

An alcoholic/addict needs our prayers and the Love of Christ reflecting through us not discrimination.

lastly, Denzel is a fine black man 🙂

P.S: i had to hold myself from crying towards the end…yeah, the movie is that good #wink