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I hate the above phrase.

Not because i’m a man, but because i’m a woman and it hurts me real bad when people give excuses for men if they’re caught in the act.

it goes with the phrase, “madam, take it easy…, all men cheat.


he’s a man now, do you expect him to hold body for that long’

body no be firewood.”

“a man celebrating and promoting celibacy? haar, that is a serious thing o.”

“he needs a social life and these include drinking, spending his nights at a bar, flirting and romancing other women, grinding his body against strange bodies etc.”

and so i ask myself, what about women?

“were they created to tolerate promiscuous men or spouses?”

“do they have high threshold for temptation than men?”

“do they have to keep believing the phrase that “all men cheat and so don’t get pissed if yours does. at least, he doesn’t throw it in your face.”

ohhh, so it’s when he begins by not only throwing it in your face but rubbing it in and making it stick into your skull that he cheats…, is that when you’ll start revolting?

i read a story about a woman who was complaining and depressed about her celibate boyfriend she caught watching pornography since they had both decided to keep themselves till marriage.

i was very disappointed at some of the comments because it just went on to show the way some humans think.

the comment was something like. ”your bf was just watching porn and you’re unhappy and going ‘errrk’ about it, you’re not glad that he wasn’t shagging a dog.”

and  i was like WTH!!!! seriously?!!! and this commenter was meant to be a sane person oo.

we have to know the people we associate with so that we don’t become ‘mad’ men like them.

Like shagging a dog is an option?!!!!SMH!!

Some people have turned men into dogs and some men haven’t proved to be otherwise. thats why the difference between you and an animal is clear. they act on impulse. you don’t.

God made a distinction between you both. Don’t go about believing you cant do without having SEX because the world has made you think so. it’s the power of the mind. You wont be the first person to keep yourself neither will you be the last. Do keep that at the back of your mind please.

My own say is this..

I don’t believe all men cheat. it’s a false make-believe. it’s a myth. don’t go about putting that in your mind and go into marriage with the opinion that ‘ohh well, is there a man who doesn’t cheat?” because there are many of them who don’t. so many in fact. people who understand the purity and sacredness of marriage and who know the deep mystery behind sex. Men who know that joining yourself to a woman makes you one with her. you become what she is.

If you like don’t believe me, but it’s true whether we like it or not. the more you sleep around, the more you fragment yourself.

the fact that you don’t believe that the tree is green doesn’t make it change it’s color. it’s green whether you like it or not..

so is SEX, the author of SEX, or rather, HE that ordained SEX made it for a man and woman bound by the legal walls of marriage. anything outside that, you put yourself at RISK, a great ONE.

Our present society has made us believe that you can never find a FEW GOOD MEN or rather, ALL MEN CHEAT and so just bear with them, their capacity to act on impulse or rather what they set their eyes upon is very high but i can stand and say that there are men who would still stand for God anywhere, and stand for What they believe in because they have understanding and God is their strength, a very present help in trouble.

SO, do you believe all men Cheat? that Would be a NO for me.

What say you?