My intention was to post something else, something that had to do with Fun In Health on Random mondays but today is my brother’s birthday. He posts his crazy thoughts HERE

Happy birthday brova

I remember when we were young and you would hold my hands as a big brother and lead me to school letting me find my way to class while you found yours…

when we were about to go home, it was the same thing

It’s like you were proud to hold me and claim me as your sister. i felt like i could look for trouble anyway and i would come reporting to you.

even the times we were meant to go home immediately, you would take me to your friends house to keep me seated while you played Nintendo or whatever the games were those days.

our older brother tried playing ten ten with me since i had no girl to call my sister while growing up, and he even taught me..”my mother told me” by clapping our hands together

But you were interested in one game or the other.

But i still love you…, ive tried not to, most especially when i feel you did me wrong so many times but i do, i really do.

and sometimes, gosh!! you could be so annoying!!!!


and so here’s to you ivanov!!..

For the times when we went over to the movies and you had to hold me while you ran so that i keep up with you

we ran either because we were late to the movies or we were out late.

For the times you stood up for me

For the times we cried together,

For the times you held me when i cried and told me it’s okay

For the times i couldn’t wait to see you whenever you were shipped back from kankon badagry

that was so many years ago….i can remember it so

For the fights we had and reconciled

for the ‘boyish’ stunts we pulled

For the songs we crooned together late at night and recorded just to have a good laugh. that tape recorder didnt last long at all..hehe..we spoilt it..agbalagba like us

For our “code”look#wink

for the times we played video games or i watched you play

for not letting me have my way most times..#i hate that, i really do#

Happy birthday to you Darren ivanov..who bares that name apart from a weirdo like you huh? muah!!!!!


P.S: after all this psyching, i hope i get a free pass for iron man 3 oo..wink#

Episode 3 of Chocolates and Sushi comes up Wednesday, stay tuned