hello guys, howdy?

Remember when I hinted in the past reasons why you need to Subscribe to my blog and I listed some of the reasons? well, some of the reasons are about taking shape presently and so that’s why I won’t be posting anything on this blog for now.

We are moving to a new site!!…, or better said, my own self hosted site but still the same name. Isn’t that great news?

It’s Glowingscenes.com

With moving comes great power and great responsibility right?

So, please bear with me for this week. I’m sure you’ll be in awe when you return and guess what?

I promise you 2 Episodes of Switched next week to compensate for this week 😀    Yay!!! Awesome huh?

So, I’m still ringing the bell for those who haven’t subscribed or Liked my Page on FB or followed on Twitter. Do so before it’s too late cos when I return, I’ll be using those social forums to reach out just in case you return and wonder what’s up.

Thank you for Loving Glowingscenes

Thank you for the Love.

And thank you for understanding. And for those who have refused to understand…, well, you just have to chill…wink***

Much love. xo!

See you on the other side!