Be Careful What You WIsh For—EPISODE 20

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Scarlett hurried through the back stage and was glad she had gotten her lines appropriately. Her role kept playing in her head and she blushed anytime she remembered how she and Josh had exchanged lines.

‘’wanted to tell you you look great’’ a voice broke through her thoughts

She swiveled and saw Josh right behind her. She beamed up at him and he smiled back.

“you look great in your costume…, at least I get to see you and watch you without your glasses.’’ He came close to her and took her hand in his, almost tempted to kiss her but restricted himself.

‘’thanks, you’re not so bad yourself, Galileo.’’ She drawled and they laughed together.

“well, you know you still haven’t told me why you stopped babysitting for my parents y’know.’’

Her cheeks turned red and she looked away but that was before Josh pulled her back to face him. ‘’I’m not letting you off that easy this time ‘Martha’ ‘’he teased.

“I know I acted like an idiot the last time, but the truth is, I love seeing you with my siblings. I loved watching you have fun with them and I think you’re a great person. They miss you, y’know.’’

“I wish I could.., but’’

“it’s me, isn’t it?’’ he interjected.

“I don’t wanna rush things Josh. And by the way, I believe things happen for the best. You not kissing me is no big deal. We were so unsure of each other.’’

“and now?’’

“well, I think we should take things slowly. It’s been only three days and one would think we’ve known each other for years.’’

“well…, haven’t we?’’

She slapped his hand playfully. ‘’you know what I’m talking about Josh, so stop acting silly. We’ve gone out just once…’’

“twice.’’ He corrected. ‘’and I won’t mind us doing it again. I could come over to your parent’s for dinner.’’

Scarlett saw she wasn’t going to get out of this one easily especially when they were this close and his presence wasn’t making her think straight and so she smiled softly. She felt they were going too fast. She was a very emotional person and got too attached to people and so she wanted to thread softly. What if he was moving in the rave of the moment? What if he starts seeing Sheila in a different light and tells her he has to go back to his former girlfriend? What if he got tired of her? She liked him pretty much. Too much in fact and it scared her.

This was just teenage love, puppy love, nothing else

She didn’t know if she was ready to trust him completely most especially since it was Susan who had given him a Push and He was the only one out of football team who went out with someone like her.

What if it was a bet or prank of some sort?

         She was thinking too deep. Her head was full of so many.. “what ifs” and she hoped she wouldn’t go crazy if it continued.

His hand below her chin brought her back to the present and she realized he wanted to kiss her.

Someone coughed and they almost jumped out of their skin and parted. This reaction made Scarlett to wonder if what they were even doing was right at all. If so, why would they be so scared to be seen with each other in public?

Rachel Cross raised an eyebrow. ‘’oh sorry, am I interrupting anything?’’

Scarlett could only shake her head.

Josh spoke. ‘’hey Rachel.’’

“the five minutes break is up.’’ she announced rather loudly and gave Scar a despiteful look before turning away back to the stage.

Josh simply ignored her and took Scarlett’s hand again. ‘’I know a good coffee house downtown at the bookstore. What about going there after this whole drama thing?’’

Scarlett looked into his eyes then and thought she would melt ‘’I would love to.’’


The next day, while Josh sat in the boy’s locker room trying to change after practice, he noticed his team mates acted cold to him but felt it was probably Him and so kept quiet and minded his business, so many thoughts passing through his mind.

“you’re slacking bro.’’ Charlie broke into his thoughts while he pulled a clean white vest from his locker.


“you think that was a game you were playing out there Josh?…, you acting like this is some drama rehearsal?’’

Josh frowned and stopped to look at his friend and teammate. ‘’was there something wrong with how I played? Coach didn’t complain and as far as I know, it’s not interfering with practice.’’

‘’well how would you know when you’re into Shakespeare?’’ Drake cut in and the boys laughed.

Josh simply ignored them and faced what he was doing. This wasn’t the first time the boys would act this way

“so, you rocking that girls’ engine pretty good huh?’’

That left the hair standing on the back of his neck and he found it hard to swallow saliva all at once as his blood boiled. Charles was really passing his boundaries and taking it too far this time.

‘’what did you say?’’

He faced him squarely this time. ‘’c’mon Josh. Everyone knows the girl you’re going out with now that you dumped Sheila. All I’m saying is, did she give you that steam you want or you want me to come work out something for you?’’

That was the final straw that broke the camel’s back and his fist landed straight into Charles face. If not for the other boys that struggled to keep him back, he would have thrown another punch into his face.

“don’t you ever talk about Scarlett like that again, do you understand me?’’ he warned.

Charles laughed with blood dripping down his nose but he cared less. ‘’whoaaaa, so it has a name huh?..Scarlett. Look at him fighting for the less privileged. He’s so starved he has to go for his babysitter…oops, your brother’s babysitter. Why don’t you leave the candy for the younger ones and settle for a real woman.’’

Josh mouthed a profane word and shrugged himself off from his teammates who still held unto him. He knew if he hit Charles again, it would be into unconsciousness and so he grabbed his jacket and left the room hoping his anger would subside.

It took him a while.


Scarlett opened her locker just to find a bouquet of flowers and a note and wondered who her secret admirer was. When she opened the card, she didn’t need to wonder anymore.

“from Josh with Love…,

                                         Meet me at Bakers tonight by 8pm.

Scarlett was tempted to kiss his note but restricted herself and held it close to her heart. And then a thought came running into her head immediately.

Josh never really liked Bakers…so why in the world will he change his mind all of a sudden?

She waved the thought aside and smelled the flowers knowing Rea wouldn’t hear the end of her fairytale coming true.


Scarlett sat at the table by the window looking pretty and decent in a Pearlescent button cardigan and pleated polka dot  skirt with a nice pair of contrast lace flats to match and a thin beaded necklace which she had made last summer all by herself, wondering when and where she was going to wear it

It seemed so appropriate for the occasion and she hoped she looked casual enough.

 Just as she was beginning to wonder where Josh was, she saw the football team entering the café and avoided their gaze wondering how they seemed to be coming in at the same time.

Was Josh among them?…she wondered, or did he want them to have dinner together?

She didn’t know if she would be able to handle it.

“well, well, well…, Look who’s here looking all styled up and hot.’’ he smirked

She swallowed on recognizing the familiar voice that taunted her for years and hoped he was just passing by.

Her heart galloped in fear when Charlie Stevens came to sit right beside her and the others sat opposite her.

oh no!!!!! this want happening to her!!!!

Josh wasn’t even among them.

she hoped it was a dream and prayed she would snap out of it immediately.


Be Careful What You Wish For- EPISODE 11


hello guys, just in case you read this first, please scroll down to episode 10. i decided to post 2 episodes this week due to my late delivery(modem issues)

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episode 11 of Be careful What You wish For, here it comes







“Do I look okay to you Ryan?’’

Ryan glanced her way with a crease on his forehead. ‘’why? have a fever again?’’

“ohh…so I look okay to you.’’ She replied ruefully and bit her lip.

She couldn’t go on anymore.

“please, stop the car…’’


“I said, stop the CAR Ryan!!’’ she yelled and the car came to a halt. Satisfied that they were not so far from school and no one was close byobserving what had just happened, she got down from the car and began walking towards school alone.

“babe…c’mon!…what’s all the drama for?’’

“get lost Ryan!’’ she felt happy and proud that she could do that. Tell RyanRiverstone to get lost. Even in her wildest dreams had she NEVER imagined she would push Ryan away from her.

She was going to be living as Rea, in Susan’s body..No more Sue in Susan’s body.

She’d had enough

He drove to her pace as her shoes clicked on the pavement.

She wished they were sneakers.

“susan, you’re going to make a scene and we’re going to be the new talk in town…is that what you want?!!…the school’s paparazzi is not going to get to the end of this!’’

She stopped to look at him. ‘’ohh, is that what this is all about Ryan…, school’s column, school’s paparazzi?..blah blah blah…well they can go to hell for all that I care. Get yourself another girlfriend who can play best actress, as for me, I’m way beyond audition.’’

‘’Sue…’’ he had gotten down from the car now and was facing her. He looked so big and strong. Way too matured for his age and yet he behaved so immaturely.

“what about your mum?…your Dad?’’

“what about them?’’

“you’re going to break your mum’s heart if she hears about our split.’’

“its about time.’’ she could tell he was taken aback by the sarcasm that dripped in her voice.

‘’this was never about me Sue, you know that. It has always been about you. Everything I did.’’

“then do this for me Ryan.., let me go..ummm’’

And then she stepped past him but that was before he pulled her close to him and kissed her.

Rea lost all reasoning and with her eyes widened, she didn’t even know what was going on.

And then she dissolved and melted into him

He broke the kiss. ‘’will that convince you enough?’’

Rea lost her balance and looked into his eyes. Ryan’s eyes had become so deep blue all of a sudden and she sighed.

“get in?’’

Reality struck and she raised her eyebrow. ‘’what?’’

He went and opened the car door for her. ‘’you don’t want your legs to give way, do you?’’

She frowned on remembering the reason for their whole fight and wanting to save the drama for some other day, she slowly slid into his car.

‘’we’re not finished.’’ She assured him, hoping her hot cheeks were only hot and not red revealing how vulnerable she was.

Scarlett wasn’t the only guilty one this time.

‘’I know.’’ He replied calmly and drove them both to school.

She knew she should feel happy and glad about it, but she just couldn’t bring herself to float because of Ryan’s kiss. He had kissed Susan, not her. But she had looked into his eyes then and felt exposed. Like He knew her deeper than the superficial Susan she was. Like the way she had thought he was looking at her the day before she changed and became who she was now. His eyes were curious, a little suspicious and light danced in his eyes but it was only a moment

And then that moment was gone after the kiss

Ryan wanted to escort her to class but she stopped midway and told him she wanted to handle something on her own. Surprised that she wanted to handle something without his intervention, he left her but that didn’t stop him from watching her.

He was used to girls staring and greeting him as they headed for class but as polite as ever, he stood looking at his girlfriend as she headed over to a parking zone where his teammates and two girls stood.

The girls looked outnumbered but Sue seemed to be stepping into the rescue.

That was odd. She always minded her business and never interacted with those kinds of people.

They were so out of her class

Rea came closer and placed a hand on Charlie’s ride.

“hello Charles.’’ She greeted briefly and allowed her gaze stroll his body. Ryan could do better than this idiot that stood harassing her friend and thinking he was every girl’s dream

“Sue.’’ He almost lost his balance and confidence.

“don’t sweat it tough guy, I think its high time you get a life and stop harassing my friend-friends here.’’

“its nothing really..’’

“just back off.’’ She warned her face becoming serious. “and stop acting like a total jerk. Go find your own size to pick up a fight with.’’

‘’oooooooooooooo…’’ the boys mocked till Charles turned to give them the eye

Susan chuckled and Rea turned to look at her. Scarlett bit her lip and couldn’t look directly at her.

“they’re my friends and I think you should treat them as such.’’ She gave him ‘thumbs up’ and walked off to join Ryan who stood looking at her with an amused smile.

‘’wow!’’ he commented


He had an amusing yet attractive smile on his face and Rea suddenly imagined him as a GQ model

“I think I’m loving the new you Susan.’’ Andhe took her hand in his and walked off together



“who the hell do you think you are?’’ Janice charged for Rea immediately they entered the toiletbut she simply ignored the fury on her friend’s face

‘’so you think you can talk to my boyfriend anyhow just because you’re what?!! Susan Brews!!’’

“Janice…’’ Sheila tried to calm her friend down but she couldn’t and wouldn’t.

“stay the hell outta this Sheila!…its high time we face things squarely between us. Its high time Miss Prim and pretty stops acting like she’s the only one who exists in this school and face reality’’

‘’oh really…why don’t you tell your stupid boyfriend to look for his own size and stop hitting on little girls.’’

Janice raised her hand against Rea but Sheila stopped her In time.

“oh, you think you’ve got it all figured out huh?…you think I cant tell everyone about your hidden agenda and your gay boyfriend who everyone thinks is a superstar. At least my boyfriend hits on women.’’

Rea felt like she had been slapped in the face.

“and who says?’’

“oh, you think I’ve forgotten how you always cry that.. ‘Ryan is not interested in me, Ryan hardly touches me…’’

“well, at least he can control himself..’’

“oh sure he does!…’’ she scoffed. ‘’even when I try making a move on him, he’s as hard as a rock’’

‘’Janice that’s enough!’’ Sheila cried.

‘’so your Mr. Charlie isn’t even enough for you and my boyfriend is the next thing on the list?’’Rea felt disgusted. “slut’’


Rea forgot what body she was in and charged at her opponent with speed. Janice had let her guards down and so she fell to the floor and received most of the punches Rea rained on her.

Due to the noise, students had already started trooping into the toilet and some had even started taking pictures and recording videos of the two girls who were engaged in a fight.

YouTube was going to have a new update of Evergreen classiest girls in a fight soon

Finally, someone came to separate them

Spanish teacher Miss Andrews

“Susan!!’’ she yelled mostly out of shock than anything else

“and Miss Cornell…’’ she grabbed both by the arm and still in shock walked them over to the Principal’s office



Susan blushed when Toby winked at her but recovered almost immediately and shifted her attention to the little pup he carried in his arms. The last time she had brought this home, her father had told her she couldn’t keep him. But now that Mr.Rivera was her father and with a sweet woman like Mrs Rivera, they couldn’t say no. and her twin sisters would be most delighted, most especially Mickey.

She’d loved being here at the shelter ‘Save a life’ where those beautiful animals were kept but she wished she had a place big enough to accommodate them all knowing fully well she could only afford one at the moment due to her present status and she didn’t mind though.

She loved this life with Toby, Scarlett and the boys, not excluding her father who wanted to give her all the time in the world and a different meal apart from oatmeal.

She could munch away and get away with it. she didn’t care about her size anymore or about any media or the school’s column.

No more ballet classes! She wanted to float and fly. Her wings were finally free. She was doing what she loved and not what someone dictated to her.

And yet there was still so much more to learn.

“she’s cute, isn’t she?’’ Toby handed the dog over to her and watched her excitement when she received the animal like it was one of the most wonderful things in the world.

How come he had never known this kind of Andrea Rivera even after the years they’d been together. she always seemed excited whenever they were together and He loved her new look too.

Her hair was no more straightened like the one he used to know. She had them in curls and they dangled all over her face freely making him want to pull them behind her ear just as she usually did. She wore leather jackets and skirt whenever they had dinner together and she glowed. her scrawny figure had vanished underneath a good looking skin and her smile was beautiful

She had never smiled at him before.

         She kissed the little pup and He made the necessary payment. He turned to her and they strolled out together asking her what name she was going to give the animal.

“Have any name in mind?’’ she looked up at him.

He tried as much as possible to concentrate and reply her appropriately. ‘’ well…’’ he laughed nervously and shrugged. ‘’its your pup.’’

“its our pup.’’ She smiled at him and they walked away together with the animal in her hands. ‘’I think Nemowont be a bad idea.’’

“Nemo?…you mean like the cartoon finding Nemo?’’

“yeah…, don’t you like it?’’

He laughed. ‘’that is so un-like you Rea.’’

“really..’’ she wanted to know what the real Rea would have named the pup. “so what would your familiar Rea suggest?’’

Toby thought she was pissed and tried to apologize but she shrugged. ‘’nah, c’mon talk.’’

‘’well…’’ he laughed again wondering if it was a good idea to continue down this lane with her. They had just started getting along and he didn’t want to ruin everything because he mentioned something lame.

“something Japanese probably..from one of those our video games or manga we sketch, like yuriko or something like rugato. Something that’s so far away from a dog’s name. You loved doing that y’know. Tagging things with a name that looks weird to get some humor or rather to piss people off but I like you like that.’’

Susan frowned and then burst into laughter. Who in the world gave a pup a name like that?

It was as if Toby read her mind. ‘’and you wouldn’t be buying a pup either.’’


“an Alsatian dog rather.’’

“how come you know this much about me and you argue that we never dated before?’’

Toby blushed and Sue couldn’t imagine a cuter version of him. his grey puppy eyes, his hair and his cheeks were just so beautiful. If guys could be called beautiful, then he was.

She almost called him a pretty boy but thought against it and wondered..

Rea had all of this and still felt unwanted?…how could someone be so ungrateful?

Trying to save him from his predicament, she suggested. ‘’mind coming home with me?..we could make something to eat and do homework together. Mickey and the twins will be back from school anyway so we won’t be alone.’’

He had his hands in his pockets. ‘’so you cook?’’

Sue winked at him. ‘’we’ll see about that.’’

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