When Scarlett and Josh started passing little notes to each other while they were in class, it wasn’t a surprise since their relationship was beginning to take root after three weeks they started going out but Josh hadn’t still kissed her anyway although she wanted to ignore that part of their relationship so much. When they were not passing notes to each other in class, He would wink at her in the hallway when they headed separate ways and that would brighten her day. He would send her some funny texts in drama class and she would cover her mouth to hold herself from laughing out loud and just text the acronym instead. And then the slight gesture of slipping notes into her palms was not excluded.

Just the blush on her cheeks brightened the rest of his day.


She was taking down notes in class when her phone beeped revealing a new message

“missing me already?’’

She bit her lip to stifle her laughter when she turned to look at her current distraction who winked at her secretly.

She typed back. ‘’do you want me to?’’

He replied “class gets boring when you get so serious with the notes you take down. Send me a longer text.’’

She texted “I don’t wanna get caught and unfortunately for me, I’m not Einstein like you. I don’t grab everything in class so I have to take down notes.’’

“whoa!!…look who’s talking. You’re the miss Shakespeare not me.’’

She knew where he was heading with their current conversation and so she looked up at the teacher before sending her last text.

“we’ll study together and I’ll tell the boys not to come over this afternoon. Is that okay by you?’’


She looked back again but he was so engrossed in something else and noticed a smile crawl slowly to his lips.

But that was before the teacher called him up to answer a question.

Oh no!!…

She hoped for his sake he would get out of this easily.



Josh was having lunch with his teammates when Sheila and Janice came up to join them. He knew he should have sat with Scarlett but he just felt he had to win back his friends in the team most especially now that they were playing for homecoming and they were the only friends he could relate with that wouldn’t make him look like a dork. He’d mentioned it to Scarlett and she didn’t mind.

              It wasn’t like he was getting back with Sheila Banks.

For a week now, Charlie and Drake had been acting cold to him and if he continued attacking them anytime they hit on Scarlett, the whole team might soon turn on him and where would that leave him?

 He knew he could make good grades and football was just a boost. He could do well without it. But it was a sport he’d loved to engage in after drama.

Not after what happened to him in his former school.

He glanced at Scarlett and noticed she was talking with one of the boys which She and her friend Rea hung around with. He didn’t feel too comfortable with the way she acted so freely around them whereas she was so conscious of herself whenever she was around him.

Or was he the one acting too stiff towards her?

Was he because he hadn’t kissed her or rather, they were heading somewhere

Graduation was going to happen in a year’s time and He knew what he wanted but at the same time, he didn’t want to rush it or ruin it.

“hey Josh.’’ Sheila greeted sweetly

“Sheila.’’ He forced a smile and tried to lighten the atmosphere most especially when he knew her exposed cleavage was because she wanted his attention drawn to her body.

He began to wonder what drew him to the girl in the first place.

‘’there’s a pool party happening at my house this afternoon.’’ She brightened. ‘’was wondering what time you’re gonna be there..’

Josh was quiet for a while. So were the boys.

He glanced over at Scarlett and saw how she was laughing at what a lanky boy in their group was saying.

And then she removed her glasses and dabbed her eyes with a clean handkerchief. She looked up and met his gaze.

And then she hurriedly threw them back on and pretended like something hadn’t transpired between them.


He blinked. ‘’I’ll pass.’’

Sheila drew a sharp intake of breath and shrugged trying to pretend like it didn’t mean anything to her.

‘’well.., its your loss.’’

But Josh wasn’t listening anymore to what she was saying. His mind was on Scarlett and how he wanted to surprise her this morning now that He was sure she would have heard about Sheila’s pool party.

There was no harm having theirs.

He knew the perfect place.



“you know you haven’t still told me where you’re taking me to?’’ Scarlett held unto Josh’s hand tightly as he found his way so easily through the trees that covered the land leaving little to the imagination concerning what was awaiting them in front.

“you’ve got to learn to trust me.’’

“I do…’’ she replied. ‘’but its getting late.’’

The truth was that she’d heard about Sheila’s pool party and the reason why she’d thrown it. she’d seen Josh having Lunch with her. she’d seen her top revealing cleavage which she wished she could hit the girl for although she wondered why if Josh couldn’t stop sitting at their table

And this made her jealous and irritated.

And Josh didn’t even bother to tell her but here he was, dragging her through a thicket of bush to someplace she didn’t know. What if he wanted to get rid of her?

But before she could think of more negative things he could do to her, they were standing before a beautiful lake which was clean and flowing. She could sight the waterfall from where she stood but the rosy flowers and green growing around the lake was the beauty of it all.

“it’s beautiful’’ she smiled softly and relaxed into him.

He was right she needed to trust him

He grabbed her hand again and led her to a tree where a rope was hanging so that they could climb but she refused.

He peeled off his shirt revealing tanned body clothed in a white vest. He peeled off his jeans and climbed the tree leaving her to stare at him in awe.

This was crazy!!…she’d never seen this side of Josh.

“I figured if we cant go to the pool party…, we could have our own pool party.’’

“but what if you catch a cold?’’

“relax Scar. Its just a swim. C’mon!’’

And before she could utter another word, he was clinging to the rope and swinging across just to get a good dive into the lake.

Some of the water splashed on Scarlett and she retreated a little.

“Josh. I didn’t bring my swim suit!’’ she yelled

“and who says you have to!’’ he laughed excitedly and kept splashing water on her

The thought of swimming with Josh scared her but the excitement was much more and so she removed her shoes and removed the band from her hair, not excluding her glasses and went to climb the tree so as to get access to the rope. She knew she had never tried this before but wasn’t that the point of life.., like Rea always said.

It was all about risks…

And so she swung across and held on tight to the rope just to be greeted by the cold feel of water enveloping her being.

She swam to the surface and gasped.

“its cold!’’ she screamed in horror

“ignore it and relax’’ Josh laughed

But she hissed and swam to shore in her wet clothes, trying as much as possible not to cry.

“so much for your ideal pool party substitute!’’

Josh swam to shore and joined her. ‘’lighten up babe!’’

“just leave me alone’’

“where did I go wrong for goodness sakes!’’ he yelled. ‘’first I bring you here to have a swell time but all you do is act like I’ve done something worse. If you feel I’m not good enough for you, or I’m not able to make you laugh like the boys in your group does, then why don’t you just say so. Why don’t you tell me to my face that you don’t like me?’’

Scarlett swallowed and looked at his hair dripping wet. If there was anyone she wanted to be with right now, it was him, but how could he see it when he was probably still in love with Sheila and was forcing himself to do what he wouldn’t normally do.

As far as their relationship was concerned, they would always have boundaries. As long as he remained in the team and ate and moved with them, there was no way they would have the kind of relationship she’d dreamed of

And for him to be mentioning Rea’s boyfriend Toby Simmons…, how blind could a guy be?

 ‘’you should have gone to your pool party Josh.’’ Was all she could say and was about walking away when he pulled her back to him and kissed her.

At first, Scarlett thought she was going to fall flat on the floor due to loss of stamina but when he broke the kiss and looked into her eyes, he breathed. ‘’I wanna be with you.’’

‘’oh Josh..’’ she whisphered and responded when he kissed her again but this time he was gentle and kissed her like he’d been wishing to.