Switched—EPISODE 1


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The reason why I had increased the frequency of my posts for C and S was because I realized since the Series were long and I wouldn’t want to drag it into the new year or bore you easily, I had to increase the pace.

As for Switched, I assure you it wouldn’t be so Lengthy to require a Second season BUT IF YOU INSIST, I can break down Monday Updates into 2. This means the posts will be shorter.

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Today’s Episode…, Enjoy!!

                                                                              pink sole

Sandra Okoye groaned when her phone rang and She knew better than not responding to her P.A’s call whom she knew was either at her door waiting for permission to barge inside or outside in one of her dramatic Limosuine to get her to one of those crazy movie Promotions which she dreaded attending.

“Yea?” she croaked.

“Wake up sunshine!

“Whatever…, what time is it?”

“It’s 7am, I’m almost at the hotel you lodged in and I need you to kindly prepare before I get to the door and see something I’m sure you don’t want me seeing.”

“Get me espresso on your way here…”

“Like I need you to tell me that.” Pamela giggled. “One day you’re going to be so drunk on Caffeine you’re going to need Valium to put you back to sleep.”

“Well, just in case you don’t know, I was sleeping before you woke me up with your annoying voice.” She snapped and hung up before Pamela could say anything else.

She sighed and closed her eyes to rest her head on the vanity trying to get her thoughts together before a masculine hand flung itself over her.

“Hey baby…”

“Marvin, not now…” she tried to push him away but he pulled her closer and held her trapped beneath him.

“I have a Movie Promotion in London by 8.” She protested when he started kissing her. Didn’t this man just know when to stop? Just because she’d agreed to let him lodge with her tonight after his constant begging didn’t mean she wanted him to start acting like he was a permanent boyfriend.

“Marvin, you have to leave. Now.” She succeeded in pushing him away and reached for her robe. Hurriedly putting it on with trembling fingers, she avoided his eyes as much as possible.

Marvin slumped back into the bed and looked at her. ”It’s still him isn’t it?”

Sandra frowned. ”What?”

“Bayo. And you’d rather be with him ‘cos he gets you all those contracts, all those things I can’t give you and he doesn’t treat you the way I do.”

Sandra was furious. ”I can’t believe you have the guts to say that into my face Marvin.” She went to pick his clothes from the floor and flung it at him. ”Get out! Get out and don’t call me!”

“But baby…”

“Get the F- out of my room, out of my hotel and out of my life”

Marvin didn’t know why Sandra had snapped at his statement and wondered if she was having her terrible mood swings again as usual. But it wasn’t like he hadn’t told her the truth.

He was going to give her time to chill off. He was sure before night time, She was going to be calling his cell phone telling him of how she didn’t want to spend another night at her house because Bayo had a way of always getting on her nerves, making her cry and he was sure the same man was responsible for the little bruises he’d seen while she was sleeping after they’d had sex last night.

But she would never say. She just liked to act bossy and bitchy when he hit the right notes.

He grabbed his boxers and struggled to put it on since he was sure she intended to drag him out as well with the way her eyes threw daggers at him.

“You know we can always talk about this baby…”

“Talk my ass. There’s nothing you’re saying to me that I’m gonna sit down here and listen to.”

She snapped and went towards the door opening it wide for him to find his way out. Was this how far she was going to humiliate him and herself as well? It was like her moods got better of her whenever she was angry and she often forgot paparazzis could be hanging around taking mental notes of what was going on in the life of a celebrity like her.

He threw on his checkered shirt and jeans and pulled on his timberland boots. He hated to admit she was the one who bought him his boots and half of his wardrobe. She’d been the one to pay for their dinner and this hotel where she lodged or probably the benefits of shooting a popular movie in London where she was the supporting actress.

He doubted Women in Nigeria treated their Men like she did to him presently.

She would come calling, he knew she would. And he would let her suffer a little before he gave in once more.

Immediately he stepped out, she banged the door behind him and locked it.

He bounced off and dusted it off his shoulders. He had enough cash to keep him for the day.


Sandra sank into the bed and tried to kill the very emotion that threatened to surface once Marvin stepped out of the room. The way she’d been killing every emotion just as Bayo had trained her to do over the years. She knew the reason why she had pushed Marvin out of the room. It was because he had said the truth right to her face.

She liked Bayo because of what he could give her and that was why she had agreed to move in with him in the first place. The man himself enjoyed what she could give him. She was the face out there that people loved to see not minding that she was being controlled by a slave master. He dictated what she would do and which show she could go for even if she was reluctant to accept such a role. He was her manager who showed her the way and she knew that without him, she would be on the streets.

Where he’d found her.

And so, she had to please him, but the times when she felt she would die if she stayed with him one more day, Marvin filled up that space while the bastard was out in his bar getting drunk and bloated.

Sometimes, she just hated the sight of him and couldn’t stand him.

Right now, there was nothing to do about it. She had to endure just like she’d been enduring him for 10 years.

He’d been the one that was there for her, sending her to school, acting school, getting her the necessary contracts and letting the whole world see that he had her back anytime. He was quite older than her. Divorced and had no kids. She remembered the first time she’d seen him, he’d been so charming, so caring, taking care of her and giving her the assurance that he would do things for her.

But after a while, he started getting drunk, he would spend late nights outside, sometimes, she’d see the tabloids of entertainment magazines and news where records of his visit to strip clubs were detailed and out of anger, she would yell at him and he would get emotionally violent and hit her or try to rape her.

Options of leaving him often came up but she realized there was no way she could or he’d track her down and hurt her.

Or the only people that were dear to her heart whom nobody knew about.

She had achieved so much in her life. In the space of 10 years, she’d been a model, featured in some known TV shows that aired internationally, a well known actress in her homeland Nigeria, Ghana inclusive and this new movie that had been shot in London and Nigeria had been one of her major breakthroughs that she’d always dreamed of.

Then why after so much achievement, after all of these did she feel like there was so much more to life than what she was presently experiencing? Why did she feel like she hadn’t seen it all?

Why did she feel amidst all these freedom that she’d always dreamed of ever since she was 5, she wasn’t fully liberated? Why did she sometimes feel trapped or better still, someone was pulling the strings of her life as a puppet when that was what she’d tried running away from in the beginning?

Why did she feel the hole in her heart was getting larger?

The knock on the door disrupted her thoughts and she yelled knowing it was Pamela but she had to be sure it wasn’t some psycho who was on the loose for actresses like her or someone who she wasn’t ready to see.

Whoever she saw had to come through her Personal Assistant or Manager.

They seemed to have had her life sorted out for her better than she did for herself.

“It’s Pam, your clothes and your cup of coffee, so please open up.” Sandra noticed her sense of humor and opened up.

“I knew you might not open up if I was the only one at the door.” She shrugged and strolled in as Sandra snatched the cup of espresso from her and opened it taking a sip.


“You’re welcome.” Pamela said and went to drop her clothes on the bed turning to look at her and at the same time, glancing at her wristwatch. ”Do you know what time it is? I’ve been up since 5 in the morning trying to work on your appointments and send responses to those executives who want you to show up on their red carpet with your co-stars. I had to explain you’re still promoting your new movie “Pink Curtains” but will see you at the premiers tonight. And then your emails keep filling up not to talk of the few fans I have to answer on your behalf ” She looked up to watch Sandra but she seemed to have picked the fashion magazine Pamela had picked for her on the way before coming there.

Pamela groaned. Did this woman have to make life miserable for her?

She pulled off her trench coat and heels leaving her in a cream chiffon blouse tucked into a black pencil skirt so as to enable her mobility. Maybe if she set the bath running, her boss would be forced to go to the bathroom.

Goodness, they were running late and even if Sandra wasn’t going to fire her, Bayo Alade could.

“Sandra, we have to be out here by 8 a.m to meet your co-stars.”

“What if I’ve changed my mind? I mean what if I don’t feel like? I mean I have a choice don’t I?’ She didn’t bother looking up but kept sipping her coffee and skipping through the pages mumbling some words to herself whenever a particular bag caught her attention.

Pamela sighed rubbing her fingers on her throbbing temples. The cons of this job. For crying out loud, was she going to play the role of a psychologist while she played P.A?

Just when she was still thinking up her chances of convincing her boss, Sandra stood up, threw the book on the bed and headed into the bathroom.

Pamela sank into the bed relieved.


Bayo Alade smiled into the camera as the lights kept flashing and he wondered why the woman beside him seemed to be acting stiff and unperturbed as her arms lingered on his waist. They stood as a couple briefly acting like they were happy and though she looked beautiful as usual, he knew she was trying to ignore him and if not for the red carpet movie premier tonight, she wouldn’t even come close to him.

He knew she’d lodged in with some guy into the hotel some nights ago and for a while, she refused to sleep in his apartment but preferred the comfort of her trashy lover but he wasn’t going to bring up the topic now. Let her enjoy her night. Let them both enjoy their night of celebration.

“You look great.” he complimented briefly as the other actors moved away slightly to take pictures alone.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” She replied not even looking up at him.

“I didn’t see you last night after the party..’

“Neither did I…” She was about moving away from his side when his grip tightened on her waist so much that she flinched. “Bayo, you’re hurting me.”

“You’re not going to leave me without a kiss would you baby?”

She knew he wanted to take things the hard way and so she stood still when he planted a hard kiss on her lips. She hated him when he was so dominating and acted like she was nothing more than an object to him, and the way he kissed her like he was reminding her of her roots and how far he’d brought her and so she’d better behave.

When he broke free, he smiled. A cynical smile. ”You’re sleeping in tonight with me. Understood?”

“Why, your hookers haven’t been satisfying you so well recently?”

She smirked when she saw how her response had done well in hitting the right spot and she strutted off going to greet one of her co-stars with a brief hug and taking a picture with him.


“Jeremy just knows how to set the place on fire.” Kristen Stacey the main actress in the movie ‘Pink Curtains’ where Sandra had starred as a supporting actress giggled as one of the actors that starred alongside them as the main actor kept giving hilarious responses to friends that were throwing questions to him about his role in the movie.

“I can see that.” Sandra responded and smiled before sipping her vodka and orange. Kristen Stacey was the white woman who had played a best friend to Sandra in the movie even though racism and other dark secrets had kept them apart. Rumors had began to spread that the movie was an award winning movie for Kristen, the Screen writer and the director. Kristen was an American but she had played her role well as a British student with an accent that she’d taken weeks to master very well and the little time Sandra spent with her, She knew she was a pleasant woman to be with. In her early 20s, this would be her first movie award with the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Shailene Woodley, not to talk of the black young girl of 9 years old that had been nominated for an Oscar last year.

Sandra began to wonder if winning an award was what was missing in her life. Maybe if she strived towards that, that empty feeling, that cold feeling of loneliness and fear would leave her alone.

Maybe she needed to achieve something. Maybe it was the peak of things she needed to aim for.

“I heard there’s an after party tonight…” Kristen whispered after sipping her Magarita and winked. ” We get to meet lot of other stars…”

“Like Denzel?” Sandra teased.

Kristen’s eyes widened and she giggled pushing Sandra gently. ‘You’re so funny.” It seemed Kristen thought everyone was funny and if she didn’t know better, she would have thought she was naive. “You know who I’d like to meet?”


“George Clooney.” She winked. ”That guy is gorgeous!’ she swooned.

“And too old for you.”

“Sandra! Who said anything about liking him? I said I’d like to meet him. Maybe act a movie with him or something…”

“Oh and then, he’d be your Uncle or your father in the movie except you’re talking behind the scene stuff…”

Kristen giggled and shook her head. ‘I’m not that naughty. Talk about Hugh Jackman, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth..”

Sandra raised her hand. ”I get it…., goodluck with that.”

“Well, well, well…., If it isn’t our great Nigerian actress..” A woman’s snare disrupted their banter and even without looking up, Sandra knew who it was.

Her ‘arch’ enemy Demi Reeves, a popular actress who she was sure had more chances than her since her mother was black and her father white and both were citizens. The same woman had been the one whom she had once caught Bayo cheating with at a time when their relationship was almost hitting the rocks. Demi Reeves seemed like she wanted to compete with everything she had and wasn’t going to be satisfied till she was beneath her.

Probably because Bayo still chose to stay with her, that must have hurt that He chose her over a popular and pretty actress like her and the fact that Sandra had made it from her modeling career into the acting world. Not many models did.

“And I believe you were just passing?” Sandra tried to ignore her.

“Infact, I’m here to congratulate Kristen here who seemed to overshadow everybody in the movie.” The biting remark left a bitter taste to Sandra’s tongue but she shrugged not revealing anything.

“Thank you Demi. But I couldn’t have done it without the rest of the crew and sweet Sandra here.” Kristen giggled pressing her hands into Sandras’ obviously ignorant of the little misunderstanding between the 2. ”

Demi raised an eyebrow. ”Indeed. Don’t get drunk you two.” she strolled off.

“Get lost b***.” She mumbled under her breath before smiling at Kristen. Things like that were not worth her time and she wouldn’t let it.


 Anu stared at the letter in her hand and tried not to curse and cry at the same time. Never in her wildest dreams would she imagine herself as part of the staff that was going to be relieved of their jobs in the coming year and the cruel director had waited till February such that she’d set down her guards.

And now, they were just going to throw her into the street because of some so called problems?

Where was she going to start from, how was she going to start picking up the pieces with a child and two parents to take care of?

Her mother had told her about this bank job she had taken in the first place and how she had advised she set her hands on something else just in case anything happened and caught her unawares.

Well, now that  it had caught her unawares, she could almost feel her mother gloat.

But knowing the kind of mother she had, she knew she wouldn’t. Her parents were not going to be happy that she’d lost her job.

There was only one person she knew must have even been praying for her to get fired.


Ever since she got the job 2 years ago at the time Teniola was 8 and had announced it to the house, she’d seen the fear and anger in her daughter’s eyes because it meant there would be no mummy and daughter time like before anymore. Her mother was going to be the one to fill in for her whenever she wasn’t home and most times by the time she returned, the young girl had gone to bed.

Saturdays and Sundays were her only free days though sometimes, something always came up.

She missed spending time with her daughter too and she wasn’t surprised many factors were playing a role in preventing her from settling down with the man of her dreams.

She’d fallen in love with a young man who had shown interest in her when she was working as a teacher but when he found out she had a daughter, probably from a careless past life, he pulled back soon enough. Then, there was her Managing Director of the bank where she worked who found it convenient to ask her out since it felt like since she had a daughter and that posed as a slim chance for her getting a suitable suitor, it’d benefit her to date him since he was married and had kids as well.

She was sure her rejection had incensed him to enroll her name in the list.

She couldn’t find enough words for him.

The conductor brought her mind back to the present yelling out her bustop for those who were interested in getting down from the bus.

O wa o.” She responded and adjusted her things and her letter into her hand bag and looked out of the window as the sunset orange settled over the horizon suddenly making that area of Lagos look so beautiful.

Her mind snapped back to the present when the bus stopped and she hurriedly got down before the conductor had any chance to utter swearing words at her.

When she stood at her bustop, she sighed and patiently waited before she crossed the road and began walking down her street.

She suddenly wished her life would be beautiful like the sunset orange which she’d observed in the sky as the bus drove by, not ugly and depressing that she wondered how she was going to survive the rest of the month.

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For those who didn’t keep up with the Lessons from Chocolates and Sushi, CLICK HERE


Lessons Learned From Chocolates and Sushi



I suppose we all learned one or two lessons from each person and each couple from my chocolates and sushi series. I mean, it was awesome while it lasted and I’m going to miss some of the characters. These particular characters I can say they stayed with me long enough that I could almost imagine them to be real. And you never know, someone may be going through some of these things in reality. Our own is to learn from them. I never imagined it to go the direction it went anyway and I’m amazed by how far I’ve come.

Thank you Jesus

And thanks for enjoying the story as much as I loved creating it.

So we move on.

Number 1 lesson

Never idolize anything in this world, be it material or human because they’ll come back to prove to you what they really are. Human beings and vanity. They are not God and shouldn’t take the place of God in our lives. Humans will surely disappoint, will even go as far as turning our backs against us most especially in times when we need them most but God will always be there for us. I mean He who gave his son that we might have life, how much more?

Lesson 2;

Have faith. It might take a while, a very Long while for what you’re expecting from God but just know this, God never comes late. An example is in the case of Bisi and the triplets.

The world might see it as late but he created you and knows the biology about you and so when he feels its time to work his wonders in your life, he will.

Lesson 3;

Be transparent. In all your relationships with people and people will come to trust you. Bisi hid the truth from her spouse and see where it landed her. People will come to trust you and whatever it is that you do. Don’t believe that lie that it’s impossible to be honest most especially in places like Nigeria and this present day world where you want to be successful.

The fact that you lie today and get that position doesn’t mean it’ll always be like that till the end of days. Most times it’s greed that makes people go out of their niche or do things that are not honest or take a shortcut. That’s the reason why we see most of our artistes today compromising. Godliness with contentment is great gain.

Lesson 4

God is not a magician, neither is he like us. He’s not a money doubler that you just snap your fingers and close your eyes to double whatever see you’ve sown. He’s God and he answers the prayers of the faithful.

You hear of people accusing God of not answering their prayers, but ask them if they asked God according to his will. Jesus said, “If my word abides in you, you’ll ask anything in my name and ill give it to you.” Remind God of his word. Hes not a lair, neither is he a son of man that he should repent. He won’t say what he won’t do.

I know there are times in my life I’ve asked and I haven’t received but there are times too that God has given me an answer even as I’m thinking about what to do at a moment in my life. Sometimes, he answers and puts me in awe even as the thoughts form in my heart.

His word just gets illuminated in my life to guide me because there’s a well of God’s word to fetch from. If there’s no word of God that I’ve read, how will i face temptations and trials when they come? Look at the case of Rolake and James Badru. Most times, it’s not easy but because you have the word of God in you, the HolySpirit brings it into your remembrance at the time of need.

But if it’s garbage in, and all the crap that the world fills us with that we have in our lives, then we’ll be crashing hard when the world comes raging in on us with temptations and trails and then we compromise. We become like that man in Mathew 7v24 who built his house on sand and when the storms came, great was his fall.

So, build your house on the rock. Abide in his word daily and Let him lead you. Then, you’llask what you will and He’ll give it to you.

Check your heart, check your relationship with him and check your request. Then you can fix what is wrong and ask again.

Don’t let people deceive you that Prayer is a Myth. It isn’t. A broken and contrite spirit thou shall not despise.

Lesson 5

When we keep ourselves, we do so because our bodies are the temples of God and the bible warns that those who defile it will  be destroyed. The bible requires both men and women and not just women alone and believe me when I say in Gods eyes there’s nothing like eh, you know he’s a man now, he has a little threshold for self control compared to women.

Man and woman will face judgement.

Man and woman were warned to flee from all forms of immorality. I’m not here to judge or point fingers o but I noticed a notion that’s going about. The bible says God is no respecter of person. Once you’ve gotten to the age that you can account for yourself, then it’s between you and your maker. The same way we still have good and godfearing women, we have them in the male form too. Don’t let anyone deceive you that everyone is bad, everyone is going to hell. If someone says all men are dogs and all women are sluts, then what about his father and his sister? What breeds are they?

Just like in the time of Elijah when he told God that all had gone after Baal, (Book of 1st Kings 18) God told him there were still thousands of people who had not bowed their knees to Baal. So take heart. Not everyone in this world has gone nuts. We still have people who live their lives like they fear God and will not compromise.

Lesson 6

Sometimes, we have to set our foot down to make our decisions on our own. Because at the end of it all, we are the ones who will face it alone. An example is in the case of Yemi and his mother. He was still holding grudges against his wife and his father whereas, his mother had moved on with his father. And that’s how life is. Don’t do things because someone wants you to do it or because you want to boost your ego. Life is all about sacrifices. And that’s what love is all about. When you find yourself in a situation, don’t let others think for you. Think of what you want at the end of it all. Think of the future and how you would want it to be at the end of it all. Will you be at a loss or great gain?

Lesson 7

Don’t be quick to judge anybody no matter who and what the person has done. After all, God makes sun and rain shine on both the good and the wicked. If he wanted to be like us, he wouldn’t let the wicked receive both.

We are meant to emulate the Father not antagonize him.

Lesson 8

Always tell your spouse you love him/her. Don’t assume that he/she knows. And when you say it, mean it and act it out. An example is Oma and Rolake. They always said it to each other and they acted it out. Little things go a long way to show how much you care. Rejoice and bask in the wife of your youth. Same with the woman. Whoever loves his spouse loves himself and shows that he loves God. 

1corinthians 13 defines what LOVE is. No other person can describe it better than that.

Love is not what we read in books or watch on Tv these days.

The world is confusing love with lust and is dragging almost everyone along. Love isn’t 50shades of gray either or whatever it is they put in our faces these days.

Love is not Scandal.

For people who have used their outlets as sex, how many of them recover? Don’t let anybody deceive you, only Jesus saves. No one else. Even a girl’s love for you cannot save you. Because She is human and the breath in her nostrils can go anytime. No man can save you either . Look unto God and let him fix you. It takes time no doubt and its all a training process like the refiners fire. When he’s done, you come out brand new. For those that wait on The Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.Isaiah 40v31

Lesson 9

Keep yourself Pure.

Not because you feel there’s someone good enough to deserve you, but because you want to keep yourself pure for your Savior. With the things we hear on the net these days and the cases in the pharmacy, even teenagers are getting pregnant. 

Note to girls and women. Your vagina is not a public toilet for anyone to just come and insert his finger, it’s a sacred place that should be kept for just one person and because you’re so much more than an object. You’re a wonder, you’re Gods creature and you’re much more than a man’s fantasy. You were created and destined for a purpose.

If only you can see the bigger picture.

When God tells us not to sleep around, it’s actually for our own good. Because when you do, you leave parts of yourself with that person. Who knows, he may also give you some Sexually transmitted diseases to top the icing and who loses?

It’s you!!!

It’s you who’s left with the choice of an abortion,

the choice of treating yourself,

Heartbreak and what does the man do? He’s jumping up and down that he has conquered whereas he’s too ignorant to realize he’s wasting away as well.

Casual sex is not just sex and I wish people would stop buying into this worldly lie and turn to see the light. Ask people who were in the world before giving their life to Christ and their experience, they’ll tell you how much they hate their former life and wish they could just turn back the hands of time.

We humans like to rush things no doubt. But when you trust God, then I believe you’re so going to learn how to wait big time because he doesn’t rush his things. He does it when he wants it and how it should be done.

For crying out loud, that BIG GUY carries the whole world in his hands! So most definitely He knows what He’s doing. Don’t doubt, just believe.

If only Rolake had believed and waited, she wouldn’t have needed to experience all the heartbreaks she experienced. But we are glad God wrote her final love story.

Lesson 10

Learn to pray for people. Tell God to give you the grace to because it’s not easy but it does wonders even if you don’t get the answers immediately.


God doesn’t FORCE people to LOVE him. HE gave us free will to Choose between Serving Him and the Devil.


The day I began to SEE and HEAR, No one forced me, So Do your part, evangelize while you can and Leave the Rest for God. In the past, keep hammering it and whatever it is that will happen will happen. I can be sober today after watching Passion of the Christ and then days after, I return back to who I was.

Things that were initially attractive to me, After a while, I found them repulsive. There are some music videos and songs that the lyrics were even explicit that I could even watch at the time but when you begin to see clearer, you just know it. No one will tell you. Those things begin to fade away as well.

When You Love God and draw closer to HIM, When His Light Shines into your life, then you’ll come to appreciate the song AMAZING GRACE.

I’ve realized that the more you pray for people, the more you’re planning on changing yourself. The more you start having your Father’s heart. Rather than judge anyone, pray that they come into the faith. Pray that God heals them wherever they are hurting and bring them into peace.

Lesson 11

I always say one thing. If you’re not ready to feed the dog, then don’t dangle the bone before him.

Apply it to your relationship too.

If you know you’re not planning on sleeping with your fiancée or boyfriend or whoever it is that you’re in a relationship with, then please don’t do things that will promote or lead to it at the end. You can’t tell me you’re watching porn, you’re petting and fondling each other or you’re reading comics or books that promote promiscuity and you’re together.

The Bible talks about Making No provision for the flesh. Sometimes, we push things on the devil, whereas its us. We just love the blame game. we have self control don’t we? There’s a big difference between animals and humans. And for a man or woman who claims to be spirit filled, self control is a fruit of the spirit.

Exercise it.

I’m not saying when you become a Christian, things become easy o, things are rosy, naah, it’s not. It’s like your fiercest battles have begun but take courage and fight the good fight.

Lesson 11

Never forfeit a Godfearing man or woman for someone who doesn’t fear God. I mean why commit your life into the one who doesn’t Love God that he hasn’t seen? Neither does he respect God, so how will he respect me in future when the tides get high?

What will be his anchor when the storms of life come raging? Whom will he run to?

An example is Oma. Note when I said God-fearing, I didn’t say church going or pastor. I said someone that fears God. It’s very easy to know someone who fears God in this our present day world except we want to deceive ourselves. And you need to pray and commit all into the hands of the father as well.

When you commit all things into the father’s hands, He knows the future and what lies ahead and what you can handle and so he gives you someone who can complement you. Someone that can help you when you fall, Someone that can help you become a better and stronger person.

That’s what marriage is all about. Creating a help meet for him. Don’t just marry because your friends are getting married or because the world requires you to.

When you have reached the stage that you have a good relationship/rapport with the father and He sees that it is time, then I believe He’ll work it out.

Many come proclaiming they fear God etc but by their fruits, you just know them. You can’t serve God and manifest the deeds of the devil. It’s impossible. That’s a great contradiction. No matter the church you’re going, the things you claim to be, if your fruits don’t display the fruits of Gods own child, then you’re simply a liar.

In the case of prayer e.g Shade and Bisi, sometimes answers may take long but always know that God still has you in mind. He said in his word, plead your case before me. I know of women who prayed and it took more than 4 years, some are even yet to be answered but just keep praying, keep hoping and keep believing. God has never forgotten you. Doubts will come, trails, temptations, things that will make you give up, but once you know that the God you serve is on his throne, pray for grace, pray for strength. In future, people will see you and ask you how you did it and you can testify to his goodness.

As for Molade’s character too, I had to end it that way though sometimes, it doesn’t always happen like that and sometimes it does. Some people miss it and some people don’t. All I know is

The race is not to the swift

Nor the battle to the strong

But time and chance happen to them all

But just believe in God and He’ll see you through.

Lesson 12

Forgiveness. It is very important to forgive. It’s also an attribute of the Father’s heart. 🙂

And as I sit here typing to you, I want to tell you that no matter what you’ve done in life, God is willing to accept you into His fold. Even as the end draws near, He calls you to himself. No greater Love than this, that a man should lay down his life for his friends.

God sees us as his children ever since He sent Jesus to die for us that we might have eternal life. That we may be Saved.

Are you longing for the perfect Love ever, a new beginning in Christ assures us of this. You can pray with me...

Lord Jesus

I come before you today to seek your forgiveness, to ask that you pour your mercy upon me as I’ve realized that I’m a sinner and I want to change my ways. I realize that I can do nothing on my own and I need you to come into my life. I accept You as my Lord and Personal Savior. I believe God sent you to die for me on the Cross of Calvary and right now, I ask that you take control of my life and write my name in the Book of Life.

In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Much love. xo

Who were your favorite Characters and What did you learn so far?

Please share with me in the Comment box below.

Thank you!

And for Those who want to start reading from Season 1,Episode 1, CLICK HERE

Happy birthday!!!!






I should have found a way of posting this earlier but time and all that did not permit me.

It’s 29th November, the month is almost gone, I don’t have much to say to you but *coughs…, I’ll say what I can.

Clinks glass with fork^^

To Ife...

Thanks for being my big brother, for being there for me when I needed you, for calling me when you just wanna say hi or check up on me. For all the birthdays you always remember, for your love because that’s what your name means.

You are just the bestest big brother if there’s any word like that. I know we fight sometimes and you can like to be diplomatic when I don’t want to be and find it hard to be.

But I guess that’s why you’re big brother. 🙂

For your encouragement, for your kind words, for reading my stories and for those times when we used to grow up and how you tried to be protective over me.

For trying as much as possible to play ten ten with me while I was growing up, for teaching me how to play..

my mother told me, if i was good…, that she would buy me, a rubber dolly”

Don’t blame him o.., I grew up among boys so I didn’t really have much girls to play with in our house at the time 🙂

Here’s to our laughter together, your cute** laughter, so cute and sweet compared to mine, sometimes I wonder why I laugh silly…

Here’s to how much you’ve contributed to my life. For being one of those numbers I can call in my family.

Gosh, you are so patient with me… 🙂 If you can go shopping with me, then BRAVO!!!

I Love you very much!


To Shola

I was an IT student when I met you at the hospital where I was to do my 6 months training, and you were really a calm pharmacist. I think you and my brother have that calm thing in common. It’s probably why you two were born on the same day 🙂

You were like a padi to me and even till now, you make me laugh when you call me chocolatey (inserts name) cos my complexion is far from that. I guess my story has brought a smile to your face.

I know the age distance between us is quite much but you didn’t even treat me like a junior colleague when we met. We were always gisting, laughing and talking while we had to work together under some particular environment.

You are the only one out of all the internees I still rap with.

The power of friendship.

Thanks for being my friend till date.

God bless you.

I Love you.

And may God direct your path throughout in life.


To Valerie

You said you didn’t want this but I just had to write you something.

Your birthday was on 26th but you deserve something from me.

You are cute, you’re nice, you’re funny and you’ve been a blessing.

You make me laugh and wonder what planet you hail from. Alas it’s EARTH!!

You are godly, you are wise and you are a good friend.

I love you…


To these 3 people, I wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LONG LIFE and PROSPERITY!!!



I hope you had fun.

God bless November because of you guys…

And as for the other novembers out there, here’s a hug, a kiss and my prayers that may you live to fulfill God’s will for your life. Today and always.

Much Love. xo!


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