it’s been years but i do remember somethings clearly while some are vague

It was my first day in school.i had been shipped all the way from Lagos to Ogun state, particularly Ijebu ode and that was where my life as a boarder began.
three things dominated me then.

Fear, anxiety and Confusion.

Let me say i was sorta Lost.

JSS1 was what they called it. the class i was moving to. the one i had memorized in my head for days after my Primary Six Report Card had been signed..Moving to was like i couldn’t wait anymore.

But once i stepped into the large building with unfriendly and unfamiliar faces, i knew i could wait.

I wish i could run back.

But here it was. i couldn’t run back. I was here for good.

Others had gone since primary 5. SO why should i be different and act like a sissy! I did Primary 6 because Dad wanted me to. He believed in maturity and so insisted i did it although i cried and wished i didn’t.

But here i was, glad i had and wondering what next i was going to meet.

A government school, formerly owned by the missionaries before the government took charge, i was greeted by uniforms that couldn’t really be distinguished. I was going to start going for mass, and i was going to begin a new life here.

The air smelt different, even the clouds looked different and a weird feeling overwhelmed me afterwards which i didn’t realize then was the feeling of being Homesick.

I was given a sport wear, pink shorts covered by a pink gown which my Dad inscribed my name boldly on, with my leather sandals to match.

Hair trimmed but still having the relaxed portion on the surface, i’m sure i looked like one who was undergoing transitioning only i didn’t know what that meant.

That was many years ago.

After so much ado about school fees, provisions, and other things that a boarder took to school, Dad left me in the hands of the Seniors in charge and the Vice principal 1 or 2, cant remember and handed over my Pocket money to her.
at that time, 500naira was a huge sum of money which couldn’t be kept with me so that they don’t steal it and I’m not left to starve.

Dad went home and left me. Mum didn’t come with me. she had cried the night before that i was leaving just like my brothers had and she might get lonely without me.

I didn’t really cry last night when she did. i wanted to know how it was afterall.

And now i did, i felt so alone.

Where would i start my life from? who did i know and how would i move along.
I was shy and reserved.

That night after prep duties, after obtaining my house wear, blue and white stripes, i was shown my bed and my bucket and bowl were placed in the room i was to live.

I seemed to be the only junior amongst them.

The VP 1or 2 had probably wanted it that way.

There was a JSS3 student people mentioned looked like me and she confirmed we were sisters.
I didn’t have any sisters and so i accepted the fact that she claimed me as one.
That night, i sank into bed in the darkness. NEPA had done their work. and i just wanted to be alone and think about my life.

And that was when the tears came in full force.

I missed my life in lagos, i missed my Dad, i missed my big brothers, i missed the familiar faces in my primary school, i didn’t really miss being the Head girl though 😉

But i missed my MUM most of all.

I cried till i slept.

The next day brought much more than i expected.