Thanks to Pristine for asking me to re post this. She made me aware that most of my readers hadn’t seen this.

I hope it blesses you as you read as much as it blessed me as I write.



If there’s something the enemy of our soul is totally against, it’s looking like Jesus. Because when we begin to look like him or work towards looking like him, we begin to overcome the power of sin over our lives.
Jesus said, “the prince of this world came and found nothing in me.”

Ever wondered why the rate at which magazines, media and the world celebrates make-up and celebrities that people fight to look like. Plastic surgery and the likes are the in-thing and so people are not trying to look anything like God as he wants man to. We can quote Genesis where God created man to be in his image and likeness but the only one who ever became in his image and likeness aka express image of the father was Jesus
And God wants us to be like Him, hence calling him the firstborn and adopting us into his family by which we can cry abba father.

Humans are now trying to look like other people, stories of transgender and all sorts have taken over our media now, the enemy of our soul has succeeded in convincing men that when they look like certain people or something far from what God intended us to look like, we will become loved and fulfilled
Idolatry has taken over in an alarming rate. Let’s read on

I saw a picture of a man online who injected himself with steroids because he wanted to look like the Hulk. Another had done so much surgery to look like Clark Kent aka superman. Another man had done strange things to his face to look like Kim Kardashian and I shook my head at the folly of man and believe me it’s not going to end there.

God opened my understanding of where Paul talked about not focusing merely on the way you look outside as what is inside is what really matters
But we have allowed ourselves to work contrary to this scripture. The world operates against God no doubt but as Christians we have allowed the world teach us against our savior.
This is what baffles me the most. That idolatry has caught up with Christians as well. Isn’t it amazing or does it not baffle you when a Christian believes a red lipstick is the only thing she needs to boost her confidence? Or a tattoo is what makes you happy or feel comfortable in your own skin? Or a good foundation or concealer is what defines you and if it stays In place all day, then you’re on top of the world?

And so it makes me sad that someone who has been redeemed looks to these things like a savior when they’re just instruments of illusion. They are there for temporal functions and they have no role in making you look like Jesus.
They do not change your inner man, they only boost the outward appearance and takes your attention from what needs work
The real you inside .

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s not good to look your best on certain days, neither am I advocating against make up and plastic surgery. Sometimes I fall under the same category myself but we have to remind ourselves that we can’t continue exalting our flesh when we want our inner man to be beautified. We have to start focusing on how to make our inner construct like that of Jesus.

We have to come to the understanding that God would rather have us thinking on his word as our life source than food(guilty) or temporal things to beautify our outward appearance or give us confidence that doesn’t take root in Gods word.

The same applies to the physical beauty agenda the world is pushing to us everyday. They tell us to like our own skin and yet give us photoshopped and edited pictures of people who have no regard for God but themselves(idolatry) and some of these people become our role models. Most of these pictures are not even real and they show us what we want to see. What will sell on Media. I’m trying to imagine if there was a camera that could take pictures of our insides, then maybe we would be careful when we pick role models.

You see people praising people that their make up is on point and yet how many of these people have commended you that your growth is on point or you still need to grow by spending time with God?

How many of your friends have seen you after a long time and after chatting, they commended on how beautiful you’ve turned out inside. I remember the day a friend told me she read something from me and She could see that I’ve grown because believe me, years ago, I couldn’t say the same about my status in Christ.

Believe me that comment made me happier than you telling me my make up is on point.


Because that’s what really matters, that’s what God is concerned about and what he can work with and if rooted in love will stand the test of time when its all been said and done

So that you can become that man or woman he wants you to become.

To look like Jesus

So I’ll ask you again?

Who do you look like? And who do you want to keep looking like?

The people of the world or Jesus? Pick one.

Much love.xo!