Christianity and Godliness…Are they two different things?


Wooden Cross

I’ve been persecuted for my faith no doubt, in fact you hear people mocking Christians everyday and blasphemous words uttered against our beliefs and what we live and die for daily.

The word or tag “Christianity has even gone as far as being dragged in the mud with the term ‘born again’ Here and there, you hear things about people defying the term and Christians…’

and he calls himself a Christian o

I know a Christian who married two wives. i know a man who calls himself born again christian and still cheats on his wife. so what is so special about your Christianity sef?

I know a girl who goes to church and sleeps with the choir master et al

I know a lesbian who calls herself a christian and says the rest of us are hypocrites

I know a christian who goes to church on Sundays and yet wears boob tube and makes men fall like crumbs. she tells you to flaunt what you have..

And the list goes on and on about what we are and what we are not and what the world paints us to be.

Sometimes people are even afraid to meet our God because they don’t see anything like him in us forgetting we are also growing.

Some of us take so long growing, some remain babies while some don’t even understand a dime about the Christianity business. As for that aspect of the bible that warns against being a stumbling block for others, they don’t even CARE. they live for themselves and their desires.

And then we make it worse by doing things we’re not meant to do, quoting scriptures to satisfy our lust or quieten our conscience. Judge others when we’re meant to be minding our business while praying for them. carrying the problem that we’re not meant to carry. helping people to spread false rumors. Gossiping about a fellow christian who has fallen  or whom we hardly know.

and you wonder why people hate us so?

the world is meant to hate us, no doubt about that, but the way i see things in this 21st century, the world hates us for different reasons and not for the truth we speak. Not for the love we disperse, neither for the large heart we’ve developed over time.

But because they see hypocrites.

People ask me a question.. ‘what Church do you go to?” after we have a long and exciting chat about God and other stuffs about my life and reality.

i don’t like to answer this question pretty well because it gives a false image of me, and people are not even ready to hear any more because they feel you would be biased when certain questions are raised. further more, they refer to members of such gathering as doing this and doing that, claiming to pray well and serve but they are the worst set of people.

When i tell them, they look at me like “I don’t act like a member. I’m more outgoing, funny, nice and the rest….lool…yea..i know I’m that cool..wink#

and you think one day of giving my life to Christ made me this way? NOT TRUE!! it took years and time..

Just because we’re Christians doesn’t make us immune to temptations and the likes, neither does it mean we should be perfect like Christ was. we grow and learn daily and we get tempted everyday!!

Serious nurture and determination on your side about knowing God and who he really is to you

Just so you know, i’m a child of God. the daughter of a King, no more a servant because a servant knows not what his master is about or what he does, but Jesus made his way clear to me and i’m happy.

Jesus is not a christian’ just so you know. hope i didn’t burst your bubble with that by the way. I got this fact from a book i read sometime in my depression phase- ‘THE SHACK’ Jesus was a man who obeyed the will of his father and was led by the Spirit of God 100%

The word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory. So who are we on this earth please tell me. What are we meant to be doing? Live a life of the good and bad and just include God in our life when necessary?

Now thats a shame. Don’t forget the words of Jesus. ‘whosoever is ashamed of me before men, him also i will be ashamed of before my father and the angels.

Now i don’t want that happening to me. Imagine looking into the eyes of God and yelling..”you know me now. I know you. We know each other…, don’t you remember the times we talked and i told people about you?” and God looks at you and he’s like….”i don’t know you.”

the name Christianity came from people who saw the lives of the disciples and how it related so well with Jesus. Why cant people say the same about you? why must you be seen as a black sheep or something not to be associated with God or rather someone who leads people astray.

Try not to lead people astray with your character. You don’t own your soul so be careful how you use it.

Godliness and Christianity shouldn’t be two different things. Rather they should mean the same thing and be that light to show others the way.

We are not perfect. Let the world know that. We are humans like everybody else who has seen the way, the truth and the life and have surrendered our Life to it.

Paul said something which i would paraphrase. ”if this is where it all begins and ends…or rather, all there is to life, then we Christians would be the most miserable in this life.”

We know there’s a place. a living hope. A promise beyond comparison and life afterwards for those who believe in Him and we wait patiently just as our fathers in faith eg Abraham waited.

For those that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. they shall mount up with wings as eagles. they shall run and not be weary. they shall walk and not faint. -Book of Isaiah.

For those that wonder what and who to follow and how you can live that life that pleases God…The cross.

That’s where the answer to all life’s question is. The CROSS!

N.B: Most of us didn’t sign into Christianity because we had some offer or we got gullible some time in our lives like some people surmise due to ignorance. it’s not like I thought everything was going to get better cos sometimes they don’t although i thought it would. I gave my life to Christ because I knew i needed him. Life without him is empty. You might not know it, but it’s the truth.

Happy Friday lovelies..

Much love…xo


Alcoholism: Movie in review- Flight

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Just in case you’re wondering about my series, i uploaded two episodes this week and so check it out by scrolling down.

I Love Denzel Washington…i mean seriously, who doesn’t? he’s a great actor. one of the best. Have you ever gone to see a movie just because he featured in it? Well, once i see a preview and i’m like…” isn’t that Denzel or some other random guy that does good movies and acts well…then i’m watching it whether you like it or not…lool

Okay, enough of ass kissing, today’s topic was brought about this movie i watched. you don’t really know where it’s going till it hits you in the face that this guy had a problem but refused to face it.

He was an awesome pilot. in fact, a hero and i learned somethings from random things said in the movie.

When you have an addiction, you become a slave. the addiction rules you and dictates what you do. You can decide to face it or not. You can deny it or not.

But know one thing. as long as you refuse to accept what you’ve become and how much you’re gonna lose, you’ll be an addict for the rest of your life.

Proverbs 28v13;. ‘He who covers his sin shall not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy.

I watch movies for entertainment purposes and i love movies that i can learn a lot from. life lessons infact and flight just happens to be one of them.

Random things i learned

An addiction proves to be a greater power but only in Christ can you obtain mercy to start on a fresh slate

Alcoholism will destroy you and eat you up

An alcoholic cannot be changed by a human being, neither can you do it on your own. An alcoholic needs help

An addict needs to identify his problem before a solution can be sought out

An alcoholic/addict will keep telling lies and crawl into all sorts of sin to get himself out of trouble.

An alcoholic/addict needs our prayers and the Love of Christ reflecting through us not discrimination.

lastly, Denzel is a fine black man 🙂

P.S: i had to hold myself from crying towards the end…yeah, the movie is that good #wink

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