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Did I mention that I was given a Quantum Pendant?

Just in case you’re wondering if I have to tie it on my neck, no, you don’t need to 🙂

This is how it looks.

Pendant -1

Secondly it should be attached to your phone.

Pendant - 2

This Quantum Pendant serves as a Radiation Shield.

I’m sure you’ve heard so many gists about Radiation and all sorts and we are exposed to various types everyday. From the one you get being exposed to sun for a long time(Sun stroke) to the ones you get from other devices such as the microwave, phones and so many other devices emitting such electromagnetic waves, the list is just endless.


As the name implies, it’s a shield that helps curb EMF(electromagnetic field) which emanates from mobiles and some electronic appliances.

Considering the hazards caused via exposure to EMF like cancer/tumour development, damaged Eustachian tubes(inside the ear), brain tumour, oligospermia(low sperm count) in men, peripheral neuropathy, etc.

Scientists on the advice of WHO(World Health Organization), invented this shield.

It’s been in use in Canada, USA for over 2yrs. With bulk of it manufactured and shipped from Japan and Malaysia.

It’s meant to be placed on either the phone battery, or on the back-casing close to the antenna beside your camera or speaker vent.

For blackberry phones, it’s better placed on the BB logo.

These are some of the havocs phone radiations may cause to humans;

1)     – Tinnitus,

2)      –Brain tumour, and dementia,

3)      –Oligospermia(low sperm count) in men who pocket phones,

4)      –High risk of Prostate Cancer in men, especially from age 40,

5)      –Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, also in men,

6)      –High risk of development of other forms of cancer because of increased rate of generated free-radicals,

7)      –Increased oestrogen secretion rate in women, even @menopause,

8)      –Stress-induced fatigue, also as a result of increase in the level of free-radicals.

And, here are facts based on good research works—-

The effect of mobile phone radiation on human health is the subject of recent interest and study, as a result of the enormous increase in mobile phone usage throughout the world (as of November 2011, there were more than 6 billion subscriptions worldwide…

The rate at which energy is absorbed by the human body is measured by the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), and its maximum levels for modern handsets have been set by governmental regulating agencies in many countries recommends that, due to the lack of any data relating to children and long term use of mobile phones, parents encourage their children to limit their exposure by reducing call time, by making calls where reception is good, by using hands-free devices or speaker options, or by texting.

Also, a 2009 study examined the effects of exposure to radio-frequency radiation (RFR) emitted by standard GSM cell phones on the cognitive functions of humans. The study confirmed longer (slower) response times to a spatial working memory task when exposed to RFR from a standard GSM cellular phone placed next to the head.


– Improve chronic fatigue conditions

– Improves balance and flexibility

– Natural energy healing

– Reduces inflammation, arthritis, body aches and joint pains

– Reduce negative effects of EMF/EMR radiation

– Promotes unclamping of cells

– Enhances circulation

– Enhances immune, detoxification and endocrine systems

– Enhances cellular permeability and detoxification

– Increases energy

Improves stamina

– Improves body biofield

– Improves ‘chi’ energy concentration

– Helps to retard the ageing process

– Increases focus and concentration

– Renews and revitalizes

Strengthens body’s bio-field, preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting one’s health

 – Many more….

To order for your own Quantum Pendant, here’s the number to call:

Phone number:08026663850

BB PIN:  28a230a5

Email address: