Hello guys…

How was your Christmas, fine I hope? As for me, I was in my house o..,lool, so for those people that didn’t find it too interesting like when I was a kid, you’re not alone. And for now, due to the incident, I have to be at home.

But I’m grateful to God. In all things, give thanks. 🙂

I promised you all 12 episodes or less, so here I am, so happy to start and finish a story. It’s been God, not me. He deserves all the credit! Sometimes I feel I don’t even give him credit enough because he saw me through all of this writing.

Truth be told, I never visualized it to be this long, up to season 2 whoa!!! Some people were already talking that it was getting long and I started to get scared.

But since it was my passion, what I felt I had to write and rushing it would just make it feel floppy, I had to move on, keep writing and made sure I got the message across in every way possible.

Later I began to see I was writing about 4 sisters,

Do you know that each sisters story can qualify for a single series?

So just imagine me writing 4 stories at once and I hope that explains enough why it took me this long to finish. If I wrote 4 different series, the timing would have fallen into place about the same time.

I won’t say it’s been easy o, it’s not a bed of roses I tell you and it’s almost like the writing takes your soul, spirit and body. It’s like you insert your mind Into it and your emotions as well.

Sometimes one has to cry as they cry. I’m telling you!!!

And so, I’m sure you see the reason why I get really pissed from any acts of plagiarism and I won’t hesitate to take any legal consequence on anyone that tries to steal. What is wrong is wrong. I can’t sugarcoat or condone something that is wrong just because I’m a Christian.

And to you guys, you’ve been been one of the best and supportive guys ever. Sometimes I hesitate calling you fans because I’d rather call you family.., hence fam 🙂 I mean people who wake up as early as 5 to 5:30 to read and took your time to vote and pray for me.

Even When I had the accident, you guys were such sweethearts!!! Telling me to take my time 🙂

Now that’s family.. My blog family..

No matter your opinions or beliefs, I just believe that once you come here, you guys can relate and talk rather than fight.

The new year is coming and new things too I hope will come along with it on my blog so for all those complaining of not getting anything apart from Mondays and Wednesdays, you can get on board and we can have discussion forums, articles from you once in a while cos I can tell most of you are talented wink*

and I would love you to voice out your thoughts concerning what and what you think I should change in my story before it gets published. Things that should be excluded, things you expect or maybe other genres that you think I could try my hands on. I also have a book excerpt I want to show you guys right here so tune in sometime during the week, Thursday or Friday because on Wednesday, we are going to have a discussion forum on what you want.

Yea, the blog isn’t about me alone anymore, it’s about you too.

I mean we have so many blogs and magazines out there with anonymous people telling their stories to people who needs Gods help SO….,

Maybe you have a story you want to share which you feel other people can learn from, Feel free to send me a mail at so that I can post it up as anonymous(Don’t worry, your Identity is hidden) so that people can give their advice and I’ll look for a day to constantly put up that aspect on my blog so help me God.

 A godly counsel is to make you go back to God and your bible to get the final answer.

I’ve been reading and some movies are on my list which I would love to post on my blog too. Then I want to start my blog stalking series. I’ve read some nice decent blogs that I don’t mind sharing with you guys because they enlighten me and make wonder how there’s so much talent in the world.

That will start soon.

And then there’s the

#Dear Diary series and

#Chronicles of a boarder which I started but never finished. I do hope to finish that one soon since I’ll be posting weekly now.

And then for the new series that will replace chocolates and Sushi, lets sit tight and fasten our seat-belts for Switched.

So, when should I start Switched?

Make sure you Stay tuned for the rest of the fun things coming up during the week so that you don’t miss on any new thing. This is easy When you subscribe to my blog. Just Look for the FOLLOW BUTTON, enter your email address and click on it.


Tune in On Friday for lessons learned from Chocolates and Sushi and Let’s also discuss our favorite characters as well that day.

Don’t forget to tell your family and friends about my blog too.

Thank you.

Much Love. xoxo

Here’s Me wishing you a wonderful and Prosperous 2014. May God keep you all and may his mercies overshadow you all.


I Love you…