I’m aware there are lots of Beyonce fans everywhere and so this might be too harsh to bear.

And please before you call me a hater, know the meaning between criticism and just hating.

I will come to that matter later.

Unto today’s topic…..

I Just had to say something about this because It didn’t make sense and it’s getting out of hand that people are buying into all of this.



No Common sense

Okay, so the last time Miley Cyrus naked body on a big swinging ball caught my attention was when my guy friend was trying to prove something to me

That she wasn’t completely naked.

Oh…, nude is that what they call it now?

Please what’s nude, if you can educate me since I seem to find nudity as something different from what Miley and Beyonce exhibit on TV these days

Just recently, I was trying to understand Mileys reason because it baffles me how a grown woman would want to sing a song to the world and pull her clothes off to millions of viewers.

Astalavista Hannah Montana 

I have no idea if that’s what she’s trying to prove to the world but whatever message she was trying to pass across with that song, it has nothing to do with you going naked like a rugrat.

I mean when I was a child, my daddy hated me running around the house naked and now, it’s a shame if I see a full grown woman or man running about naked.

We would call it madness and tie him up.

I mean seeing someone’s nakedness is shameful is it not? When you get on a bike and your skirt splits to your ass, don’t you get ashamed and wonder why you wore the skirt or better still, just blame the bike for all your misfortune.

Strolls in Beyonce, miss feminism. hmmn, Queen Bee, the mother of all sexiness right? For the Beyonce lovers, I understand she’s your queen(yeah, bow down bitches) and your role model since she’s a mother, a wife and an entrepreneur and oh, let me add she’s making her millions unlike me who just writes a story and isn’t getting paid as some people might want to say that as well.

People say it a lot. A woman strips or does something immorally wrong or questionable, you tell them something is wrong and the next thing they spit back at you is…”At least she’s making her money.., haterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’

Please tell me how she has added to your life or edified you or increase your moral status with her lyrics and videos.

At least for the Christian women, I need to know.

You can educate me, I don’t mind. I’m open to other people’s Point Of View

Well, there you go, you can say all you want but the truth remains the truth.

The fact that something is true but you refuse to acknowledge it doesn’t mean it’s not the truth. I mean the fact that some people call themselves atheists doesn’t stop God from being God. He’s God, and He’s there whether you refuse to accept that fact or not.

Pure hypocrisy!!! I mean who is  She fooling? Me? Well, maybe some young girls out there but not me.

People are hurling insults at Miley, did you look at who’s footsteps she’s following? I’m not supporting Miley o or defending her foolishness or ignorance not to mention how she was attempting to act like an animal all in the name of twerking.and there’s ‘blurred lines‘ Video by Robin thicke where all the women in that video are barely clothed but did you ever wonder how come the men are fully dressed? Is that feminism or some form of slavery? Is that sexiness? Is it not shameful. I’m yet to see a man who tightens his trousers round his penis or leaves a part of it open. Won’t you run? Or would you sit down and let him pounce on you? Won’t you see him as a pervert or a man highly disturbed? That’s how I see some women who have decided to do the same. Highly disturbed. You might not know it but you need to be careful around them because if their mind can fathom such, then I wonder how much more it could bring forth.

A good tree produces good fruit. You cannot see a bad fruit producing a good fruit and vice versa.

Those are the words of Jesus.

In the world today, women are beginning to see Beyonce as their role model rather than some woman who dresses decently and contributes to  the worlds health or growth or some duchess wherever and you say the world is not turning upside down?

Need I say more or mention names of good women who are modest in appearance and speak what they do?

Oh, and that’s not all. She inserts chimamanda’s speech of feminism while she’s busy exhibiting none at all.

And Nigerians as usual, we go ahhh, see our own…, because Beyonce is some goddess you want your children to turn out to be like right? We want our kids to strut and gyrate to arouse men and cover just the little she can.

And you tell me you’re a feminist?

No, stop contradicting yourself. Because I see you or Miley and I want to throw clothes on you so you stop demeaning yourself and lie to me that you’re fighting for women because I see you and I feel sorry for you. When you’re old, and sagged and you have nothing to display to the world anymore or rather, the world doesn’t need you anymore but fresh blood just the way the entertainment media works, I wonder what you’ll be remembered for.

I hope it’s not that late to realize the truth though.

As for chimamanda’s speech, it was a good one but used for the wrong reason. We need people who will bring back the morality of this degenerate world not add to it.

As for common sense, it’s not common but I implore you to reason before arguing blindly like Beyonce fans would. I’m not against you but I really really admire people who would read this post, agree and add your own reasoning dose or if you’re against this post, no kwalms 🙂 just state your opinions and add constructive criticism that made me see you reasoned well before penning anything down.

As for the whole hype thing of Americana ‘Yonce’ recognizing chimamanda, abeg, it’s enough already. We need people who do what they mean not just say things to get attention as usual.

Well, putting her words in the song sure made top entertainment news so she succeeded.

Now please can we move on to life and other matters that could save a life?

Thank you.

Much love. X