Happy birthday!!!!






I should have found a way of posting this earlier but time and all that did not permit me.

It’s 29th November, the month is almost gone, I don’t have much to say to you but *coughs…, I’ll say what I can.

Clinks glass with fork^^

To Ife...

Thanks for being my big brother, for being there for me when I needed you, for calling me when you just wanna say hi or check up on me. For all the birthdays you always remember, for your love because that’s what your name means.

You are just the bestest big brother if there’s any word like that. I know we fight sometimes and you can like to be diplomatic when I don’t want to be and find it hard to be.

But I guess that’s why you’re big brother. 🙂

For your encouragement, for your kind words, for reading my stories and for those times when we used to grow up and how you tried to be protective over me.

For trying as much as possible to play ten ten with me while I was growing up, for teaching me how to play..

my mother told me, if i was good…, that she would buy me, a rubber dolly”

Don’t blame him o.., I grew up among boys so I didn’t really have much girls to play with in our house at the time 🙂

Here’s to our laughter together, your cute** laughter, so cute and sweet compared to mine, sometimes I wonder why I laugh silly…

Here’s to how much you’ve contributed to my life. For being one of those numbers I can call in my family.

Gosh, you are so patient with me… 🙂 If you can go shopping with me, then BRAVO!!!

I Love you very much!


To Shola

I was an IT student when I met you at the hospital where I was to do my 6 months training, and you were really a calm pharmacist. I think you and my brother have that calm thing in common. It’s probably why you two were born on the same day 🙂

You were like a padi to me and even till now, you make me laugh when you call me chocolatey (inserts name) cos my complexion is far from that. I guess my story has brought a smile to your face.

I know the age distance between us is quite much but you didn’t even treat me like a junior colleague when we met. We were always gisting, laughing and talking while we had to work together under some particular environment.

You are the only one out of all the internees I still rap with.

The power of friendship.

Thanks for being my friend till date.

God bless you.

I Love you.

And may God direct your path throughout in life.


To Valerie

You said you didn’t want this but I just had to write you something.

Your birthday was on 26th but you deserve something from me.

You are cute, you’re nice, you’re funny and you’ve been a blessing.

You make me laugh and wonder what planet you hail from. Alas it’s EARTH!!

You are godly, you are wise and you are a good friend.

I love you…


To these 3 people, I wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LONG LIFE and PROSPERITY!!!



I hope you had fun.

God bless November because of you guys…

And as for the other novembers out there, here’s a hug, a kiss and my prayers that may you live to fulfill God’s will for your life. Today and always.

Much Love. xo!



Conditions beyond me


Hello blog fam, howdy
Some Conditions beyond me did not enable me post something this morning no matter how much I tried.
Please you people should pray for me o and pray that my browser works.
I have the story written already. Left for me to copy and paste and thats when the modem refuses to copperate
As u know this is the first time stuff like ds is happening since I started ds particular series but I’ll do what I can to make sure its posted
This evening or tomorrow morning so please keep checking
I feel tired already and im the road. Terrible traffic on a Monday morning
I wish myself bon voyage
Much love. Xo
Oya you guys should kukuma Use the opportunity to vote for me.
You’ll see my blog under best writing and best new blog. Follow the instructions given when clicking on the link on my blog
Lets be hopeful

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