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Last week, I shared with you guys the accident with Apple Cider Vinegar and I’m sure some of you laughed at me..

Not fair…

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I promised I was going to talk more about the important benefits of this wonderful vinegar that another art of nature has provided us with and it’s usefulness on hair and skin.

I used ACV last week and so far, so good, It’s a wonderful regimen I’m going to stick by for my hair therapy.


After a little research and reading on the beneficial effects of ACV, I’m able to write down some here which include


1) It’s usefulness in curing hiccups.

We all know how uncomfortable hiccups can be and this is as a result of a sudden involuntary contraction or spasm of the diaphragm muscle.

That hiky-hiky thing you hear huh? That’s as a result of when the contractions begin and your vocal chords snap shut thus resulting in the uncomfortable noises you’re making.

Before use though, make sure you dilute a teaspoon with about 250mls of water for safety purposes.

Persistent hiccups that have been going on for more than 3 days should be referred to a doctor or health professional


2) ACV is very effective in drying out acne/pimples on face and skin just the way ASA AcetylSalicylic content in soap is effective as well.

An individual gave a testimony on my blog on how her pimple dried out after using ACV. I’ll advise you dilute it before use though.


3) ACV can serve as a hair herbal rinse, a vinegar hair clarifying rinse and some use it to wash dirt from hair rather than shampoo.

To use as a herbal rinse, herbs such as rosemary leaves, sage leaves and leaves of important herbs are fused(Just the way you make a fusion with your Limpton, Moringa or Black tea, the same goes with this.

After fusion, mix the solution with ACV to produce a herbal rinse and you can leave on your hair for about 5 minutes or more.

Most times, herbs or essential oils like Lavender help with fragrance.


4) Some use ACV as a teeth whitener. While this school of thought is interesting to know, one must be careful as ACV can be dangerous to your enamel. Just like Baking Soda or Bicarbonate Soda. One must consider the side effects when using it as a teeth whitener most especially because the nerves connected to your gum help supply blood to your teeth and we don’t want anything disrupting that flow or rendering your gums weak either.

It’s not a pretty thing to visit a dentist I tell you

5) ACV can also help eliminate early morning bacteria from your mouth when used as a gargle. If it’s something you can do without letting your teeth get in the way often, then go ahead

6) Most times, when you notice you’re about to eat food that is likely to make you sick or fill your stomach with so much gas, dilute a teaspoon with honey and warm water and drink it 30minutes before you eat.

7)In cases of sore throat and you’re too lazy or not chanced to see a doctor or pharmacist, dilute ACV with warm water and gargle every hour. If symptoms persist, Consult a doctor or health professional.

8)ACV can be added to your skin cleansing therapy when mixed with Rosemary oil. about 5 drops of rosemary oil and one teaspoon of ACV diluted with about 250mls of warm water will go a long way in cleansing and enhancing your skin tone if used effectively.


Have you tried using ACV? where and how did it turn out for you? Please Share in the comment box below

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This post does not replace seeking medical and professional advice.

N.B: The above written is as a result of the blogger’s little research and little experimental usage.

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