Okay, for the people who know what ACV is, Praise God, I didn’t go bald, I didn’t go blind and I hopefully got to my bathroom in time before the yelling began.

For those who don’t know what ACV is, Its a wonderful ‘ingredient’. Let me put it that way. It’s an acidic solution. (5% acidic solution)


It is a type of vinegar made from Cider or apple and has proven to be of great use on skin and on hair IF and I repeat IF DILUTED

I’m a natural hair keeper, for those that don’t know and believe me when I say My hair has broken comb before. I was formerly contributing to a natural hair blog but out of tiredness, laziness and the desire to keep a ‘low’ profile for the main time, I opted out.

Ok, back to the accident. Gosh! it was horrible.

Here’s what happened.

I read about ACV being a good scalp cleanser and an amazing hair rinse for all hair types most especially natural hair and so I bought and decided to try it.

For good conditioning treatment and to enhance my hair colour, I added a few drops of Rosemary Oil

My Hair wash day was 2 weeks ago and the last time I washed, I felt dissapointed.

N.B; I can’t wash my hair everyday because I’m not a white woman. 🙂

Washing your hair everyday as a black woman strips your hair of its natural oils and we don’t have many.

In a place like Nigeria, where’s the time? but try washing at least two times a week to keep your scalp healthy and so that it doesn’t smell.


Imagine using all of this products above and getting a worse result. My hair smelt like palm oil!!! and was so hard to comb.

I diluted the first part with about 250mls of warm water. Add just about 2 -3 tablespoonfuls of ACV if you wish, though I’d advise 1 is okay.

I did this and rinsed my hair after shampooing. I waited for the solution to take deep root.

In my mind, I felt like nothing happened, or rather, nothing was happening. The solution felt like water and so i wondered how that would cleanse my scalp, help remove build up and soften my hair.

And so, I went ahead, took the undiluted ACV potion I had mixed with Rosemary Oil and poured it right on my hair.

Omo! see fire! I couldn’t yell, Imagine what the neighbours would think. That I was roasting?

I ran to the bathroom. Thank God I was in my room and felt like plunging my head into the water straight away but i let the tap flow and Wow! It took me about five minutes to keep pouring water on my flaming scalp and burning eyes.

I couldn’t even open them.

It reminds me of my pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab days when conc. Phenol spilled on my leg and burnt hell. Just about 2 drops o and the thing hurt ehn!

Those people who use acid to attack their fellow humans are demonic! Yes! because I had just about 5% acidity of ACV and i thought I would burn and go bald.

Now imagine worse poured on someone who has offended you. Not good at all!!!

You wanna know the end results…

It was AWESOME!!! I could run my comb easily and run my fingers through my hair. I took a picture of my hair after combing and rubbing with Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil and goodness, my hair looked like a babe’s own.

Now I can smile.

I’m not going to show you the end result so that you don’t drool. 😀

And what more? I know what works for my hair. I don’t need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on products that won’t work and keep doing trial and error.

Are you thinking of going natural, or you need your hair to look and feel soft, shiny and clean, just go for ACV, essential oils like Rosemary, Sage, Lavender depending on what you’re looking for. I tell you it works wonders.

Carrier oils like Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil and Aloe Vera Oils too are very important in diluting essential oils above.

These oils are not expensive.

Castor Oil and Olive Oil can be gotten in a good pharmacy around you and as for ACV, I got my own at Shoprite for about 380naira thereabout!

Imagine the price huh? quite cheap.

I think I’ll have a hair and health section for you guys, to give you free and exciting tips on how the natural products around us go a long way in working wonders in us and for us.

Tune in for more benefits and effects of ACV next week.

Much love. xo!

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