Hello guys,

How have you all been? I hope you’ve been enjoying my series thus far and I’m glad I can put you guys at the edge of your seat.

As for the the wonderful people complaining about my suspense being too much and hypertensive, please, do take heart and let me offer you a glass of water while you wait patiently. What’s the point of having a story without suspense huh? But don’t worry, at least I’ve improved the frequency of my updates and I’m trying as much as possible not to rush the story and avoid loopholes.

At least, let my SERIES/blog make your day if you need to occupy yourself with something relaxing.

Okay, enough story, I’m here to tell you why I’ve been insisting you FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE to my BLOG!!!

Yes, This is very important though your comments and sharing have been quite encouraging but I need you to know the Benefits of you subscribing.

1. Anything can happen and I need you guys to get prepared if you still want to get my updates and other stories that will be coming up in the nearest future if Jesus tarries.

2. My followers/subscribers are the first set of people that will benefit from anything I have to offer, most especially when my book is released or I might be distributing a free e-book for followers and subscribers alone.

3. If I happen to release another book, my subscribers will get a discount before anybody else.

Most importantly, you won’t need to take anti-hypertensives anymore because of my story. lol…, The whole suspense will be at your fingertips but at a price though. #wink

4. Important information that I would want to pass across will get to you first if you subscribe. This includes My news, my upcoming plans and a chance to have a get together and discuss at a convenient time.

5. If my blog decides to bear a different name or have it’s own domain, you won’t go searching for me and wondering where in the world I disappeared to since you would still be getting my updates.

6. I would be having a discussion forum where I would love to interact with you guys and discuss your favorite characters, the kind of flavour you would love for my next series and so on.

On Glowingscenes, everybody’s opinion is important and during the forum, be sure I’ll be there to pop in.

Once more, I’m announcing “I’m building my email list, enter your email address in the box and VIOLA!! Welcome aboard”

I see you guys. I see you all and you have been so amazing, both here, NL, twitter and Facebook. Even the personal emails. I cant thank you enough for your prayers and your affection but I know you guys are the best. Even if I don’t dedicate an episode to you, Just know that My Love extends to you and so much more. From my heart.

Chocolates and Sushi continues on Monday.

I Love you all. Xoxo!!

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