I was born on the last day of July. People have asked me why i didn’t just enter august rather than just stick with the July month…

Wonderful month 😉

People keep writing lists of what they want from life before another year shows up…

Me i’m here to write all that i’ve learned in life as i’m here to wrap up the month

A shout out to my twinnie, Titi, same day and same year but different mothers, I LOVE YOU

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new year for me, I guess. I look at my age and whoa! I’m getting older?

Infact we all are…

Well not Old-Old but if you were among the peeps doing “aye aye in my post of Kids born in the 80s and early 90s, you’ll understand me better.#wink.

Okies, enough about age rant, like seriously, who wants to start hearing about a chica in her age although almost all the people I’ve encountered keep trying to reduce my age for me due to my babyface and stature. Someone tells me it’s a good thing but I’m like being called a teenager or

“hello you, are you about to write jamb? Or “are you not going back to school?’’ is not funny and this keeps getting me freaked out. And then my big brother couples it by acting protective….I have told that boy to stop spoiling market for me and let people stop insinuating he’s my boyfriend of some sort.

#adjusts mike and gives grateful speech^^

In all my years on earth, things haven’t really been a bed of roses and sometimes I’ve done things or said things that I wish I could take back but I’m learning.

I learn every day.

I still love adding a pinch of salt to my Oats and I think it’d taste awkward if I don’t.

I might not be a neat freak, but I like my things being the way I left them. Well, I’ve lived long enough to know that human beings such as friends, family and freak shows are not gonna make that happen.

I’ve learned to see God in everything and try being positive about life.

I’m still learning not to judge. This proves a little hard sometimes with my job as a pharmacist as people come telling you their stories of how they did this and that and how you could help out..sigh**

Sometimes I wish I could just hand them a pamphlet

I’ve learned to appreciate the rich smell of coffee, tea bags, clothes that get dry after washing with a good soap and nature in the morning. Don’t blame me, I have to wake as early as 4am sometimes to leave for work so the smell of nature is unavoidable..,,

I’ve learned to watch Bill Cosby and fall in love with that one show that can never be replaced. Family bonding is precious and important.

I’ve learned that somethings don’t always work out on the ways we plan them but we just have to pray and keep believing God for everything. After all he was right there before your ancestors even thought of existing.

I’ve learned not to trust anyone. Sometimes you can’t even trust yourself. Oh, but I trust God. It’s pretty annoying because you’re a truthful person, people start assuming you’ll be gullible as well…, like seriously?!!! Well I fell for it long ago but that’s what we call Lessons learned.

I’ve learned to live, laugh and love. Don’t get jealous, just be happy and pray for your own to come since Baba God is in the neighborhood.

I’ve learned to laugh at myself. Sometimes it’s good but sometimes, you could freak people out so just stop it after 10seconds.

I’ve learned to ignore annoying and irritating folks rather than punch them in the face.

I’ve learned that I can’t always please everybody.

I’ve learned to reserve my eye cells for much more important things rather than gossip and unwarranted rumors or shows that have no business with what I want in life. Maybe growing up with boys has a lot of impact to play on the type of movies I like e.g Lord of the Rings. (I mean it’s hard not to imagine yourself with a sword or arrow when you think of that movie),

the kind of shows I CANNOT watch e.g Kim K’s Timeline or whatever it is they call it. am I being too boyish? I dunno but the last time I checked, that show wasn’t meant to determine my feminine side. #No pun intended

I’ve learned to make lists…and this list involves seeing Dolphins and tap dancing before I die or before the world comes to an end.

The movies these days…sigh** it’s either the white house is coming down or the apocalypse is coming. Or we’re into some sort of future that is located in America…

Don’t forget the aliens too. Oh where’s Speilberg and Tom Cruise by the way?

Okay, enough of me!..Happy birthday to me! Its 31st of July babay!!! Wish myself Long life and prosperity.

In all things, i give thanks!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes on Monday and the ones that will be coming in advance!

Much love.., xo!

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