My Grandpa died on the 3rd of July 2013. On a Wednesday. My grandmother died 25years ago, a day after 3rd of July.

She died July 4th, 25years ago.

I wasn’t really close to my Grandpa but the little i know was that he was just amusing and amazing in his own way. He was an old man. He grew up in a Baptist Church and that was where we attended whenever we went over to his House.

He was quite stubborn and this attitude brought a smile to my face. Old people just have their beliefs and they stick by it either a professional advises them or not.

As long as you’re still a Child or grandchild of theirs. They believed they knew better than you.

I remember his tone whenever he calls my phone with the intention of getting across to my mum. He’d call to say…”HALLO…” this greeting made me laugh and how he tried to relate to me in English when we talked was amusing as well.

God talked to me about his death years ago. that was before he went blind though. But I still cried. Because he’s gone. I can see him no more on earth but i know i will someday.

In Heaven.

I’m glad for one thing. When God talked to me about his death about 3years ago, he wasn’t in Christ, but i knew what he wanted me to do. You know when you just know that this is God’s spirit leading you and so i told my mum and she prayed for him and talked to him about Christ.

He was willing though!! can you imagine my joy when i was told Grandpapa said Yes to Jesus.

And then years later,three days ago, he dies.

I wasn’t able to respond to any of you guy’s comments here or anyplace else either due to his death et al. I wanted to honour him here first before moving on…with my stories.

And so here’s to you Grand-papa, I love you. i will miss you. Momma really cried while you were gone and here i am now, typing all of this with tears in my eyes.

You were old but we still miss you.


G’nyt Grandpa, see you on the other side.

Much love. xo