Sweet Torment



i wrote this on request for someone who wanted something horror-ish from me..LOOL…this was sometime last year so i wanna know your thoughts about it.

P.S: im sorry about the Chronicles of a Boarder  post that was meant to come up today but didnt.

Not feeling too well, pls pray i recover well oo

Here goes

When I opened my eyes, I prayed I was dreaming

But the other side of me knew I couldn’t be dreaming. The footsteps coming towards my room kept echoing through the walls and I closed my eyes to shut out those evil imaginations again

I felt chilled to the bone

“sweetie, you alright?’’

I opened my eyes to see my mother frowning at me awkwardly.

“why?’’ I asked absent minded

“You’re chewing on your pen again’’ she pointed and went to attend to the food on the gas. She served me some scrambled eggs and called out to my sister


The little girl ran down the staircase and came to join me on the table beaming at me while she fed on what our mother was feeding her

“I’m not hungry.’’ Just looking at her had made me lose my appetite

‘’how many times have I told you to start tolerating your sister’s habit?’’

“ more often than not.’’ I carried my bag, threw my pen into it and picked up my ear plugs…time to go Solo

That’s what this town had turned me into and if nobody could see what I was seeing, then I hoped I was going to remain sane for long

Mom didn’t bother calling me back and so I settled in the back seat while waiting for Susie to come and take her place in the passenger’s seat while I allowed myself to get lost in Avril Lavinge’s  Complicated before switching to skater boi

What century was i?…21st century but I still idolized those songs

I scrolled down again, thinking of switching to Linkin Park’s Numb when I felt a sudden jerk from behind leading me to hit my head on the seat in front of me

“not again….’’ I could feel that cold shiver down my spine and when I looked up, I saw someone screaming while the dagger plunged right into her rib cage.

Not once, not twice and then she stopped screaming as her body slumped carelessly on the floor by the merciless stabber

And then he turned to look at me and I sagged.

The last thing I saw were my parents hovering over me, while white liquid spilled forth from my lips.

My mind went completely blank and my eyes grew cloudy before collapsing into oblivion


For The Children born in the 80s and early 90’s




Here’s to US

I know we are not allowed to celebrate Children’s day anymore for the kids in this category. We get to go to work and the rest of it all. The 80’s and 90’s kids. But c’mon, we are someone’s child right?

Big part…We are God’s Children and we deserve some celebration.

However for the kids born in the millennium era of year 2000 and above, what are you doing on the internet?LOOL

At the time I was growing up in Nigeria, our country was still much fun then if I do remember clearly, and I’m sure we could all do well to remember too. Silly things we believed, tales we were told just to scare us away from doing things our parents didn’t want us doing or get close to.

And so, Let the party begin…

You guys are free to contribute everything and anything you remember doing as a child so that we can celebrate together.

Afterall, it’s our Children’s day!!

I remember playing catcher and bubble gum games with my friends in school

“bubble gum bubble gum, how many bubble gums do you want?’’ the last person gets to be the one chasing after everybody and if he ends up touching you, it’s your turn.

I remember “ten ten’’

I remember singing.. ‘willy willy willy willy o…mumy in the kitchen cooking rice, daddy in the parlor watching film, children in the garden playing ball, so this is he end of the game,…change your style, another style…and stay still’’

I remember shaking my booty to.. ‘show me your best friend and show us your ikebe…hehe…gosh, we were so small, we would tighten our dress close to our butt and shake our asses.

Like we had any..LMAO

I remember tinko tinko…’clapping your hands against your friends hands till it hurts..whoosh!!

I remember chopping mouth to songs I don’t know or forming them in my own accord.

I remember the silly stunts we pull to find out who just farted.

I remember the 50kobo chewing gum and bubble gums that had wrappers which contained riddles in them.

I remember the biscuits we ate..Oyakaka, pako biscuit, okin shortcake and round shaped, robo robo biscuit, five naira could buy so many things that time.

School times were exciting…you get to go to the playground and run to the swing, or you get to play ten ten or catcher before the bell rang.

I remember NITEL and NEPA, though the latter still exists though. You could spend hours on the phone with your friends but just make sure nobody has picked the other phone that is connected to it.

I remember kuli kuli, coconut biscuit, speedy, assorted biscuits were like “out of this world” that time.

i remember pulling my socks so long it got to my knees. just because i could  😉

TV shows

I remember the cool adverts on TV. Does anybody remember the coolest coke advert where the girl sings “I am the future of the world, I am the hope of my nation, I am tomorrow’s people, I am the new inspiration…etc’’

Who remembers Omo super blue Omo…washes even brighter than it shows.

The days of Checkmate, and Spanish telenovas  e.g

Maria de los angeles, The Rich also cry, Lady of the Rose, Wild rose, Moonlighting, Santa Barbara, Secrets of the Sand, No one but you, Isaura the slave girl. I still remember the songs oo.. :), but I can chop mouth sha.

Fresh prince of Bel air, bill Cosby, abc’s Passions, My wife and Kids, the Parkers, One world.

I still remember the horror movies we watched and the Mount Zion movies..

Agbara nla!

Those indian films we watched and mimicked dance steps while chopping mouth.

Baba Suwe and Baba Sala.

Who remembers Tales by moonlight on Sunday by 6pm?

We were so oblivious to stuffs like DSTV that time but we were content with out local stations. We didn’t have cell phones at our age and when SIM packs came out, the prices were like 20k etc.

NTA  2 channel 5 was the bomb that time. they practically kept us entertained with stuffs like:


Telenovas by 10

Boring news by 9

Sunday Sunday by Frank Olize

DBN’s Night shift.. that song by the Commadores

Night shift kept us awake ehn. You have to keep calling to vote for your favorite movie and just pray the callers vote for the movie you want if NITEL wasn’t co-operating with you that night.

Do you remember all those action films that there’s boss and actor, and the actor never dies. The actor’s bullet never finishes and he gets to kill 500 people and no bullet touches him.

i remember the old school songs and our running man dance steps. MC hammer..hehe..

Mike Okri’s “hear your mama, hear your papa, life go better for you”

Essien’s Omo mi seun rere ti e dara o”

Blacky’s “can i have a dance, rosy ahnn…etc..”

We were kids, we didn’t have responsibilities at that time. all we did was watch Tv, eat, have fun and sleep.


But now, we’re adults an everything’s changed. Don’t know what’s happening to kids these days.

well I am an adult and i hate to sound like Peter Pan cos He’s fictional as well.

and so, let’s raise our glasses to our years as kids, the friends we had, the fun we shared and the times we ran to the Television whenever it was time for our favorite show.

It can never be the same again, no doubt. and that’s why they are called Memories!

SO be sweet and FUN enough to share your childhood memories in the box below and do invite others to join in the fun.

Much love, xo :*

ff @glowingscenes on twitter

P.s: who remembers Limca,..singing..”everybody join together..lemon n lime limca…shakes booty and runs off

Dont forget Tandi, GoldSpot, the zing thing.. 😉

Chronicles of a Boarding House Student



it’s been years but i do remember somethings clearly while some are vague

It was my first day in school.i had been shipped all the way from Lagos to Ogun state, particularly Ijebu ode and that was where my life as a boarder began.
three things dominated me then.

Fear, anxiety and Confusion.

Let me say i was sorta Lost.

JSS1 was what they called it. the class i was moving to. the one i had memorized in my head for days after my Primary Six Report Card had been signed..Moving to JSS1..it was like i couldn’t wait anymore.

But once i stepped into the large building with unfriendly and unfamiliar faces, i knew i could wait.

I wish i could run back.

But here it was. i couldn’t run back. I was here for good.

Others had gone since primary 5. SO why should i be different and act like a sissy! I did Primary 6 because Dad wanted me to. He believed in maturity and so insisted i did it although i cried and wished i didn’t.

But here i was, glad i had and wondering what next i was going to meet.

A government school, formerly owned by the missionaries before the government took charge, i was greeted by uniforms that couldn’t really be distinguished. I was going to start going for mass, and i was going to begin a new life here.

The air smelt different, even the clouds looked different and a weird feeling overwhelmed me afterwards which i didn’t realize then was the feeling of being Homesick.

I was given a sport wear, pink shorts covered by a pink gown which my Dad inscribed my name boldly on, with my leather sandals to match.

Hair trimmed but still having the relaxed portion on the surface, i’m sure i looked like one who was undergoing transitioning only i didn’t know what that meant.

That was many years ago.

After so much ado about school fees, provisions, and other things that a boarder took to school, Dad left me in the hands of the Seniors in charge and the Vice principal 1 or 2, cant remember and handed over my Pocket money to her.
at that time, 500naira was a huge sum of money which couldn’t be kept with me so that they don’t steal it and I’m not left to starve.

Dad went home and left me. Mum didn’t come with me. she had cried the night before that i was leaving just like my brothers had and she might get lonely without me.

I didn’t really cry last night when she did. i wanted to know how it was afterall.

And now i did, i felt so alone.

Where would i start my life from? who did i know and how would i move along.
I was shy and reserved.

That night after prep duties, after obtaining my house wear, blue and white stripes, i was shown my bed and my bucket and bowl were placed in the room i was to live.

I seemed to be the only junior amongst them.

The VP 1or 2 had probably wanted it that way.

There was a JSS3 student people mentioned looked like me and she confirmed we were sisters.
I didn’t have any sisters and so i accepted the fact that she claimed me as one.
That night, i sank into bed in the darkness. NEPA had done their work. and i just wanted to be alone and think about my life.

And that was when the tears came in full force.

I missed my life in lagos, i missed my Dad, i missed my big brothers, i missed the familiar faces in my primary school, i didn’t really miss being the Head girl though 😉

But i missed my MUM most of all.

I cried till i slept.

The next day brought much more than i expected.

Do all Men Cheat?


i’ve moved my Random Mondays Post to Random Fridays. Enjoy

I hate the above phrase.

Not because i’m a man, but because i’m a woman and it hurts me real bad when people give excuses for men if they’re caught in the act.

it goes with the phrase, “madam, take it easy…, all men cheat.


he’s a man now, do you expect him to hold body for that long’

body no be firewood.”

“a man celebrating and promoting celibacy? haar, that is a serious thing o.”

“he needs a social life and these include drinking, spending his nights at a bar, flirting and romancing other women, grinding his body against strange bodies etc.”

and so i ask myself, what about women?

“were they created to tolerate promiscuous men or spouses?”

“do they have high threshold for temptation than men?”

“do they have to keep believing the phrase that “all men cheat and so don’t get pissed if yours does. at least, he doesn’t throw it in your face.”

ohhh, so it’s when he begins by not only throwing it in your face but rubbing it in and making it stick into your skull that he cheats…, is that when you’ll start revolting?

i read a story about a woman who was complaining and depressed about her celibate boyfriend she caught watching pornography since they had both decided to keep themselves till marriage.

i was very disappointed at some of the comments because it just went on to show the way some humans think.

the comment was something like. ”your bf was just watching porn and you’re unhappy and going ‘errrk’ about it, you’re not glad that he wasn’t shagging a dog.”

and  i was like WTH!!!! seriously?!!! and this commenter was meant to be a sane person oo.

we have to know the people we associate with so that we don’t become ‘mad’ men like them.

Like shagging a dog is an option?!!!!SMH!!

Some people have turned men into dogs and some men haven’t proved to be otherwise. thats why the difference between you and an animal is clear. they act on impulse. you don’t.

God made a distinction between you both. Don’t go about believing you cant do without having SEX because the world has made you think so. it’s the power of the mind. You wont be the first person to keep yourself neither will you be the last. Do keep that at the back of your mind please.

My own say is this..

I don’t believe all men cheat. it’s a false make-believe. it’s a myth. don’t go about putting that in your mind and go into marriage with the opinion that ‘ohh well, is there a man who doesn’t cheat?” because there are many of them who don’t. so many in fact. people who understand the purity and sacredness of marriage and who know the deep mystery behind sex. Men who know that joining yourself to a woman makes you one with her. you become what she is.

If you like don’t believe me, but it’s true whether we like it or not. the more you sleep around, the more you fragment yourself.

the fact that you don’t believe that the tree is green doesn’t make it change it’s color. it’s green whether you like it or not..

so is SEX, the author of SEX, or rather, HE that ordained SEX made it for a man and woman bound by the legal walls of marriage. anything outside that, you put yourself at RISK, a great ONE.

Our present society has made us believe that you can never find a FEW GOOD MEN or rather, ALL MEN CHEAT and so just bear with them, their capacity to act on impulse or rather what they set their eyes upon is very high but i can stand and say that there are men who would still stand for God anywhere, and stand for What they believe in because they have understanding and God is their strength, a very present help in trouble.

SO, do you believe all men Cheat? that Would be a NO for me.

What say you?

It’s Ivanov’s bithday today



My intention was to post something else, something that had to do with Fun In Health on Random mondays but today is my brother’s birthday. He posts his crazy thoughts HERE

Happy birthday brova

I remember when we were young and you would hold my hands as a big brother and lead me to school letting me find my way to class while you found yours…

when we were about to go home, it was the same thing

It’s like you were proud to hold me and claim me as your sister. i felt like i could look for trouble anyway and i would come reporting to you.

even the times we were meant to go home immediately, you would take me to your friends house to keep me seated while you played Nintendo or whatever the games were those days.

our older brother tried playing ten ten with me since i had no girl to call my sister while growing up, and he even taught me..”my mother told me” by clapping our hands together

But you were interested in one game or the other.

But i still love you…, ive tried not to, most especially when i feel you did me wrong so many times but i do, i really do.

and sometimes, gosh!! you could be so annoying!!!!


and so here’s to you ivanov!!..

For the times when we went over to the movies and you had to hold me while you ran so that i keep up with you

we ran either because we were late to the movies or we were out late.

For the times you stood up for me

For the times we cried together,

For the times you held me when i cried and told me it’s okay

For the times i couldn’t wait to see you whenever you were shipped back from kankon badagry

that was so many years ago….i can remember it so clearly.lol

For the fights we had and reconciled

for the ‘boyish’ stunts we pulled

For the songs we crooned together late at night and recorded just to have a good laugh. that tape recorder didnt last long at all..hehe..we spoilt it..agbalagba like us

For our “code”look#wink

for the times we played video games or i watched you play

for not letting me have my way most times..#i hate that, i really do#

Happy birthday to you Darren ivanov..who bares that name apart from a weirdo like you huh? muah!!!!!


P.S: after all this psyching, i hope i get a free pass for iron man 3 oo..wink#

Episode 3 of Chocolates and Sushi comes up Wednesday, stay tuned

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