This isn’t a women’s day Post, Just so you know. the picture caught my attention.

This topic was inspired by a response I gave to a question when asked. Though I cant remember fully well what I was asked, my response I can remember quite clearly

Why should I expose any form of restricted flesh when I’m not selling anything. My friend burst into laughter at such a response. Though it was funny to the both of us at that time, it’s so true. Very true

Why wear a very revealing dress that is bound to show the secret parts of your body if you’re not selling anything. It’s a question we should ask ourselves as Women cos I do ask myself this question when it pops in.

Isn’t it disturbing if a full grown woman of age dresses up and decides to expose her breasts or reveal her backside? Why would you do that? It amazes me!! I just can’t comprehend the kind of Lust that the person is battling with if such a person is Sane. People say it’s to show endowment, and I’m like WTH?!! Seriously?!! Endowment for sale or for ogling so that the unfortunate man can fantasize and fulfill both your lusts?

Is there any reason why the tag, ‘Dress the way you want to be addressed’’ was coined sometime ago?

These days, it’s a risk allowing your child to sit before the Cable twenty four seven and don’t even bother asking “what about Local TV…, that one isn’t any better. Infact, I don’t even know which is worse in delivering unwanted messages to ourselves and our kids.

Music videos shown on  TV these days is an eyesore. Apart from the noise that springs out from such artistes who claim to be “in their right minds” or rather, claim to be of age, I find it disturbing that some are not even intelligent enough to compose Lyrics that will motivate or inspire or speak sincerely about their Love for a woman.

And then, there’s the unmasking of Video Vixens. I heard that’s what they’re called these days. Girls who want to feature in music videos and deem it fit to move shamelessly to songs rendered by irresponsible artistes who don’t even think of the coming generation.

They get paid no doubt, it’s a job now. And you let this “strange” man touch you without regard for Who You really are inside. Just because he says you have a body of a goddess doesn’t mean He’s telling the truth.

Who knows, a dozen others have been told the same lies. A child will do anything to get his Candy, so will a man who’s just interested in your body and in the money he’s bound to make just by putting yourself out there shamelessly.

And so, with the look of things, I see women are being seen as “Commercial Products.’’ Some people even go far by saying, What else are we useful for apart from sex and seduction.

I ask you this question young woman, Is that all you were made for? Are you not so much more than Sex and Seduction? Are you not a woman of integrity? Or would you rather be a commercial product?

Forget the story of a man marrying you if you keep your virtue or dignity, WHAT ABOUT YOU!! What do you want to achieve in Life? Do you think Life is all about shaking your “ass and boobs’’ for the screen? Don’t you want to be remembered for inspiring and motivating young girls like yourself in life? Don’t you want to be one of the greatest women who ever existed before God and man?

Or rather, you want to remain at the Auction room, where people pay a price for you and you return you so that another person can use again?

I believe God created us for so much more and I need not start giving examples before my point is passed across.

I refuse to be a commercial product. But I will stand against verbal abuse on women and young ladies out there who haven’t realized their worth yet or are too blind to see the treasure God has deposited inside them.

And I plead to women myself not excluded. “Do not expose anything you’re not selling.’’ Because revealing it only makes you feel insecure, cheaper and “not good enough’’

If anyone doesn’t like you that way, then “adios’ to the person. Never Let anyone make you compromise yourself.

YOU are NOT a COMMERCIAL PRODUCT!! Never Let anyone make you ‘that”

Don’t make yourself that either..

Let us all have a great Monday with that at the back of our minds..

Much love!!!xo

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