Firstly, i want to thank everyone that got involved but not tangled up in my series which i’m quite grateful for because it was like You guys were part of my life one way or the other and you made writing sort of worthwhile.

The Be Careful What you Wish For Series had been in my head for a while and i just knew i had to download it one way or the other. i never intended it to come this far neither did i plan for a Season 2 but i’m grateful it worked out pretty well

Now, i’m moving unto things i’m more familiar with and i intend to teach something. Entertainment is one thing but trying to achieve something is another and thats what i intend doing.

Concerning my first series, i want to clarify somethings

— The part where the exchange took place between Rea and Susan’s body is Purely fiction and please dont take it in the literal SENSE! i tried to depict something in a way that would seem fun and would paint a picture of ourselves sometimes when we are not grateful.

i do not promote stories that include re-incarnation and ritual exchanges. I worship God and so i don’t do creepy stuffs like that or write about them. i just wanted to get across to my readers that Sometimes, wishing for something without knowing the deep repercussion of the whole exercise could get you into trouble and make one miserable

My POINT IS==One should be grateful

Secondly, I’m a Lady and a Writer. Don’t be afraid to criticize my work. Infact, i love constructive criticism but please, hit me nicely. I criticize people too if you give me the chance to. i’m ready to state out my points if you’ll listen and not give me ‘The EYE”

I believe in good relationships. in fact boy girl relationship isn’t a taboo or something i speak against but please don’t misinterpret the story. i wanted to paint a picture of reality although i know i faltered in some parts, i wrote some things on purpose and i excluded some parts on purpose. When i write, i consider so many things. Anybody can read what i’m writing and i dont want to achieve the opposite of what i proposed to achieve right from the beginning.

Teenagers are young at heart, so are some of us and the tendency to get carried away is great. I’m someone who believes that if you know you dont want to feed the dog, while dangle the bone before him?Why feed lust when you know you have weaknesses in that area? and so i tried to make it clear in my series. Sometimes, we feel some kind of relationships are the best for us, we feel we cant survive without “relationships with the opposite sex” and we stop seeing God as the priority.

Thats what i was trying to get across.

a boy and girl can be friends, no problem. But when you know you have the tendency to go beyond “just friends” and start doing things that you just know it doesn’t SIT WELL with God’s Spirit or rather, lets you start touching reserved parts of your body, then end the relationship and pray to God about it.

There’s no two way about Sex before marriage. It’s wrong. And Sex before marriage doesnt necessarily mean penetration. Pre-ambles and foreplays too are not excluded

The bible says. ‘ Flee all forms of sexual immorality.”

Lust and Sex begins in the heart and so, it was easy for Scarlett to fall so easily into Josh’s arms. That was just the physical manifestation

Let us guard our hearts with all diligence so that we might be able to stand before the great judge on the last day.

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My Vote of Thanks goes to My greatest Critic..Theresa!!! you’re such a clown and a beautiful one. reading my story through and through and pointing out almost every line

B’ba, Ema, Francine, Mstizzle, Oma, villebilengue persiux, sylph diarist, worship n swag, and so much more. you guys are the best.

three words i;m gonna say AGAIN Whether you like it or NOT..heheheh


and to everyone that even opened this page, scrolled through, to all my silent readers and voiced out ones, those who shared my post on fb…

je t’aime trop!!!