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Scarlett hurried through the back stage and was glad she had gotten her lines appropriately. Her role kept playing in her head and she blushed anytime she remembered how she and Josh had exchanged lines.

‘’wanted to tell you you look great’’ a voice broke through her thoughts

She swiveled and saw Josh right behind her. She beamed up at him and he smiled back.

“you look great in your costume…, at least I get to see you and watch you without your glasses.’’ He came close to her and took her hand in his, almost tempted to kiss her but restricted himself.

‘’thanks, you’re not so bad yourself, Galileo.’’ She drawled and they laughed together.

“well, you know you still haven’t told me why you stopped babysitting for my parents y’know.’’

Her cheeks turned red and she looked away but that was before Josh pulled her back to face him. ‘’I’m not letting you off that easy this time ‘Martha’ ‘’he teased.

“I know I acted like an idiot the last time, but the truth is, I love seeing you with my siblings. I loved watching you have fun with them and I think you’re a great person. They miss you, y’know.’’

“I wish I could.., but’’

“it’s me, isn’t it?’’ he interjected.

“I don’t wanna rush things Josh. And by the way, I believe things happen for the best. You not kissing me is no big deal. We were so unsure of each other.’’

“and now?’’

“well, I think we should take things slowly. It’s been only three days and one would think we’ve known each other for years.’’

“well…, haven’t we?’’

She slapped his hand playfully. ‘’you know what I’m talking about Josh, so stop acting silly. We’ve gone out just once…’’

“twice.’’ He corrected. ‘’and I won’t mind us doing it again. I could come over to your parent’s for dinner.’’

Scarlett saw she wasn’t going to get out of this one easily especially when they were this close and his presence wasn’t making her think straight and so she smiled softly. She felt they were going too fast. She was a very emotional person and got too attached to people and so she wanted to thread softly. What if he was moving in the rave of the moment? What if he starts seeing Sheila in a different light and tells her he has to go back to his former girlfriend? What if he got tired of her? She liked him pretty much. Too much in fact and it scared her.

This was just teenage love, puppy love, nothing else

She didn’t know if she was ready to trust him completely most especially since it was Susan who had given him a Push and He was the only one out of football team who went out with someone like her.

What if it was a bet or prank of some sort?

         She was thinking too deep. Her head was full of so many.. “what ifs” and she hoped she wouldn’t go crazy if it continued.

His hand below her chin brought her back to the present and she realized he wanted to kiss her.

Someone coughed and they almost jumped out of their skin and parted. This reaction made Scarlett to wonder if what they were even doing was right at all. If so, why would they be so scared to be seen with each other in public?

Rachel Cross raised an eyebrow. ‘’oh sorry, am I interrupting anything?’’

Scarlett could only shake her head.

Josh spoke. ‘’hey Rachel.’’

“the five minutes break is up.’’ she announced rather loudly and gave Scar a despiteful look before turning away back to the stage.

Josh simply ignored her and took Scarlett’s hand again. ‘’I know a good coffee house downtown at the bookstore. What about going there after this whole drama thing?’’

Scarlett looked into his eyes then and thought she would melt ‘’I would love to.’’


The next day, while Josh sat in the boy’s locker room trying to change after practice, he noticed his team mates acted cold to him but felt it was probably Him and so kept quiet and minded his business, so many thoughts passing through his mind.

“you’re slacking bro.’’ Charlie broke into his thoughts while he pulled a clean white vest from his locker.


“you think that was a game you were playing out there Josh?…, you acting like this is some drama rehearsal?’’

Josh frowned and stopped to look at his friend and teammate. ‘’was there something wrong with how I played? Coach didn’t complain and as far as I know, it’s not interfering with practice.’’

‘’well how would you know when you’re into Shakespeare?’’ Drake cut in and the boys laughed.

Josh simply ignored them and faced what he was doing. This wasn’t the first time the boys would act this way

“so, you rocking that girls’ engine pretty good huh?’’

That left the hair standing on the back of his neck and he found it hard to swallow saliva all at once as his blood boiled. Charles was really passing his boundaries and taking it too far this time.

‘’what did you say?’’

He faced him squarely this time. ‘’c’mon Josh. Everyone knows the girl you’re going out with now that you dumped Sheila. All I’m saying is, did she give you that steam you want or you want me to come work out something for you?’’

That was the final straw that broke the camel’s back and his fist landed straight into Charles face. If not for the other boys that struggled to keep him back, he would have thrown another punch into his face.

“don’t you ever talk about Scarlett like that again, do you understand me?’’ he warned.

Charles laughed with blood dripping down his nose but he cared less. ‘’whoaaaa, so it has a name huh?..Scarlett. Look at him fighting for the less privileged. He’s so starved he has to go for his babysitter…oops, your brother’s babysitter. Why don’t you leave the candy for the younger ones and settle for a real woman.’’

Josh mouthed a profane word and shrugged himself off from his teammates who still held unto him. He knew if he hit Charles again, it would be into unconsciousness and so he grabbed his jacket and left the room hoping his anger would subside.

It took him a while.


Scarlett opened her locker just to find a bouquet of flowers and a note and wondered who her secret admirer was. When she opened the card, she didn’t need to wonder anymore.

“from Josh with Love…,

                                         Meet me at Bakers tonight by 8pm.

Scarlett was tempted to kiss his note but restricted herself and held it close to her heart. And then a thought came running into her head immediately.

Josh never really liked Bakers…so why in the world will he change his mind all of a sudden?

She waved the thought aside and smelled the flowers knowing Rea wouldn’t hear the end of her fairytale coming true.


Scarlett sat at the table by the window looking pretty and decent in a Pearlescent button cardigan and pleated polka dot  skirt with a nice pair of contrast lace flats to match and a thin beaded necklace which she had made last summer all by herself, wondering when and where she was going to wear it

It seemed so appropriate for the occasion and she hoped she looked casual enough.

 Just as she was beginning to wonder where Josh was, she saw the football team entering the café and avoided their gaze wondering how they seemed to be coming in at the same time.

Was Josh among them?…she wondered, or did he want them to have dinner together?

She didn’t know if she would be able to handle it.

“well, well, well…, Look who’s here looking all styled up and hot.’’ he smirked

She swallowed on recognizing the familiar voice that taunted her for years and hoped he was just passing by.

Her heart galloped in fear when Charlie Stevens came to sit right beside her and the others sat opposite her.

oh no!!!!! this want happening to her!!!!

Josh wasn’t even among them.

she hoped it was a dream and prayed she would snap out of it immediately.